Professional Experience:

Permanent Positions:

Professor, Michigan State University, January 1983 -

Quarter-system courses (pre-1992): Introductory Cartography; Computer Uses in Cartography; Map Design; Proseminar in Cartography; Research Seminar in Cartography; Quantitative Methods in Geography; The World of Maps.

Semester-system courses (1992-): Introduction to Geographic Information; Quantitative Methods in Geography and Planning; Thematic Cartography; Map Production and Design; Automated Mapping; Seminar in Cartography and Geoprocessing; Research Design; Senior Seminar in Geography Education; Topics in Geog Info Science.

Department Chair, Geography, Michigan State University, 1989 - 1994

Associate Professor, Boston University, Sept. 1974 - Dec. 1982.

Maps and Air Photos: Their Content, Logic, and Use; Introductory Cartography; Advanced Cartography; Computer Applications in Cartography; Seminar (graduate); Problems in Cartography; History of Geographic Thought (co-taught with A. Carbonell); Air Photo Interpretation

Assistant Professor, University of Georgia, Sept. 1970 - June 1974.

General Cartography; Cartographic Design and Reproduction; Advanced Cartographic Problems; Introductory Quantitative Methods; Computer Cartography


Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Sept. 1966 - June 1967 (Introduction to Landforms and Introduction to Climate)

Project Assistant, University of Wisconsin Cartographic Laboratory, June 1967 - June 1968 (Examples of Maps for books and articles: Maps for The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census by Philip Curtin, Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1969; (With Cherie Edwards [Wyatt]) maps for Acadia: The Geography of Early Nova Scotia to 1760 by Andrew H. Clark, Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 1968).

Graduate School Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Summers 1968, 1969, 1970

Department Fellow, Department of Geography, Sept. 1968 - June 1969

Research Assistant under Professor A.H. Robinson, Department of Geography, August 1969 - January 1970

Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, January 1970 - June 1970 (Maps and Air Photos)

Summer Faculty Fellow (NASA/ASEE), Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, Summers 1971 and 1972

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Winter quarter 1972-73 (General Cartography; Maps and Map Interpretation)

Consultant, U.S. Bureau of the Census, Geography Division, Summer 1975

Temporary Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, Winter and Spring Quarters 1980-81 (Introduction to Cartography - both quarters; Map Design and Use; Computers in Cartography)

Brittingham Visiting Scholar, University of Wisconsin, Winter 1996 (1-month appointment).