Dear CoE-host.

Posts are submitted either directly to you by email, through the Facebook page (make sure to catch the posts submitted by others - they aren't displayed the same place as by the page owner), and sometimes though Twitter. If you don't use Facebook, make sure to notify the admin.
As you read through them all and prepare the carnival (we appreciate that this can be an arduous, but hopefully also rewarding, task), please keep these points in mind:

1) Start reading early. We usually get between 30 and 60 posts, and that means a lot of reading. Cramming them all into one day on the last of the month is not a good idea for most people.

2) CoE is exclusively about evolution. If a post is not relevant, it should not be included. It is up to you to decide which posts you discard, but please don't let your own idiosyncrasies rule.

3) Rather than just regurgitating links to submissions, be creative and try to come up with some unique, funny, clever, and/or artistic way to present them. Have a look at some of these past editions: dictionary, dear diary, museum visit, submissions statistics, virtual voyage of the Beagle, phylogenetics on URLs, brain evolution theme, personal art, menu, featuring a blogger, letter from Darwin, quotes, verbosity, Hitchhiker's Guide to CoE, history of human thought, conference proceedings, animations, phylogetic trees, travel pictures.

4) Make sure you credit the actual author of each post, rather than whoever posted it or owns the blog (sometimes these are different).

5) Please link to (usually at the bottom of the post):
- CoE on Facebook (,
- CoE on Twitter (!/CarnyEvolution),
- CoE blog (,
- The next host, if known, will be listed on the blog.

6) Ask readers to submit posts (their own or by others) about evolution to the next edition on the Facebook page.

7) Shoot an email to as soon as the new edition is posted, and emails will go out to the list asking to spread the word.

8) Make sure that you post on a blog that will stay up indefinitely. It is saddening when one goes back to see previous editions and they are gone because the blog is gone or now only for registered users, for example. If you later learn that an edition you put up is going to be taken down, please let me know in advance, so I can save a copy.

Thanks for hosting!