Abstract Algebra I  (MSU - Fall 2006 - Meierfrankenfeld)


Homework 1: pregroups, semigroups, and groups


Homework 2: quotient groups and automorphisms


Homework 3: normal subgroups and the second isomorphism thm


Homework 4: cosets, third isomorphism thm, and finite presentations


Homework 5: group actions and Sylow p-subgroups


Homework 6: semigroup rings, division rings, and ideals


Homework 7: prime ideals and principal ideals




Abstract Algebra II (MSU - Spring 2007 - Meierfrankenfeld)


Homework 1: modules


Homework 2: polynomial rings and fields of fractions


Homework 3: field extensions


Homework 4: algebraic field extensions and Galois theory


Homework 5: algebraically closed extensions and Frobenius


Homework 6: R-linear actions and dual spaces


Homework 7: unique factorization domains and varieties





Complex Analysis  (MSU - Summer 2008 - Kurtz)


Homework 1: sets in the complex plane, harmonic and analytic functions


Examination 1: roots, harmonic and analytic functions, and elementary integrals


Homework 2: residue theorem, heat equation boundary value problem