Teaching Experience


University Level

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education

CEP 805 Learning Mathematics with Technology (online; 2 semesters)


Department of Mathematics

MTH 103 College Algebra (3 semesters)

MTH 201 Number and Operations for Elementary Teachers (1 semester)

MTH 202 Geometry for Elementary Teachers (1 semester)

MTH 496 Capstone for Secondary Teachers (1 semester)


Department of Teacher Education

Field Instruction for Secondary Mathematics Interns (2 semesters)


Group Tutoring


Abstract Algebra


Individual Tutoring


Linear Algebra



School Level

Muskegon High School, Studen Teacher

Mathematical Proficiency (grades 11-12)

Integrated 4 (grade 12)


East Grand Rapids Middle School, Student Teacher

UCSMP Algebra (grade 8)

UCSMP Geometry (grade 8)


Black River Charter School, Teaching Assistant

Core-Plus Mathematics Project (grade 10)


Individual Tutoring

Geometry (grade 9)

Advanced Algebra (grade 10)