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Eid-ul-Azha Potluck 2017
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Sham-e-Faiz 2017
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PSA Get-to-Gather 2016
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Global Festival MSU 2016

About PSA

USA-PK Pakistani Student Association (PSA) at Michigan State University is a student organization that organizes different educational and social activities, that enhance cross-cultural understanding and international awareness. As other active student organizations on campus, PSA at MSU strives to offer a better environment to its members by organizing activities, programs, and events that cater to the cultural needs of Pakistanis away from home.

In addition to events and gatherings, PSA at MSU provides counseling and advising to students to enable them to make their stay in East Lansing most productive and learning oriented. Social and cultural events further enhance the interactions with Pakistanis and non-Pakistani students on campus. Our aim is to build bridges and understanding with all students on campus.

Pakistan Zindabad!