Information for Faculty Members

If you are a Michigan State University faculty member, academic staff, or adminstrator eligible for membership (see membership categories below) but are not receiving notices from us, please email us at to identify yourself so you can be added to our mailings.


We offer online registration for our annual banquet (use the link above to navigate to that system).



Faculty members of Epsilon of Michigan can particpate in Epsilon of Michigan in a variety of ways, some of which require very little time but reap very great benefits:

1. Contact undergraduate invitees to encourage them to join Phi Beta Kappa. Personal contact is the most imporant factor in many students' decision to join Phi Beta Kappa. Our student invitees are also invited to join numerous other honor societies and are not aware of the special status of Phi Beta Kappa. Often a simple note from a known faculty member explaining the importance of Phi Beta Kappa can make the difference in their decision whether or not to join. We can provide a list of students in your department along with their email addresses and a template email you can use to encourage them to join.

2. Subsidize a student's initiation fee. To join Phi Beta Kappa, students must pay a $75 initiation fee -- the only required fee for lifetime membership in Phi Beta Kappa. (Likely you are still receiving the "Key Reporter" as part of your lifetime membership.) Some students find this fee an economic hardship. You may wish to alleviate this hardship by sponsoring a particular student by name or by contributing to a general fund for supporting needy students.

3. Contribute annual dues or additional funds to the MSU chapter. While membership in Epsilon of Michigan does not require payment of dues, the suggested annual dues of $20 helps the Chapter to pay for mailings and minor supplies as well as to pay for the annual initiation banquet. All student initates are allowed to attend the initiation banquet at no extra charge. The cost of their meals in covered in part by faculty contributions.

4. Attend the annual banquet. Every April the Epsilon of Michigan chapter initiates students into Phi Beta Kappa at a banquet held at the Kellogg Center. Faculty attendees can honor student initiates by attending the banquet, where faculty can meet parents and other family members as well. The cost per person of $45 helps to subsidize the free meals for student initates. Use the link above to register for the banquet.

5. Help screen potential members. Every fall and spring, the membership committee must screen potential applicant's records to find students eligible for membership. Volunteers review files corresponding to their home college.

6. Volunteer for other activities. The Epsilon of Michigan chapter can sponsor additional lectures, host receptions, provide opportunities for students to interact, and the like. Any ideas for activities that fit the goals of Phi Beta Kappa to promote scholarship in the liberal arts and sciences are welcome.



All of the categories below are considered "Faculty Members" in general.

All faculty, academic staff, and administrators at Michigan State University who were initiated into Phi Beta Kappa at their undergraduate institutions are automatically Resident Members of Epsilon of Michigan.

Faculty, academic staff, and administrators to whom the charter was granted on February 4, 1968, are Charter Members of Epsilon of Michigan.

Faculty, academic staff, and administrators elected on the basis of scholarly achievement while at Michigan State Univeristy are Honorary Members of Epsilon of Michigan

Alumni/ae of Michigan State University elected on the basis of scholarly achievement after graduation from Michigan State University are Alumni/ae Members of Epsilon of Michigan.