Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:34:53 -0500
To: CEP 909

Purpose: Not later than 24 hours before the next class meeting, please send me an email:
 "CEP 909: Major Project Proposal: Draft 1"

Background: In addition to participation in discussions in class and on the listserv,
your work in CEP 909 should focus on authentic work in the following domains:

 1. Reading and Reflection (25%)
        How People Learn will be core
        Exploration of Web, such as NYTimes, National Academy

 2. Development of Personal Information Strategy (15%)
        For many of you, this should lead to building your personal webpage.
          Including polishing your vita and refining career goal.

 3. Skill Development: Self-Directed Learning of New Technologies (__? %)
      plus written reflections on that learning
        (new software or indepth learning of features of software you are using)

 4. Major Project (___? %)
 The core of your work should be a project that yields a tangible "product".
      Examples might include:
          Integration of technology into your teaching this semester
            Development of your website:
                   to support your teaching
                   to support your research
            Working with professor in CEP 813 or otherwise to integrate technology
            Writing a grant proposal or dissertation proposal.
            Conducting research to meet the College of Education's practicum requirement.
               such as studying kids interacting with software
                nterviewing undergraduates taking VU course
            Writing a scholarly literature review in preparation for comprehensive exam.
             Preparing a paper or poster presentation for an academic conference.
             Preparing a "job talk" for interviewing for a position.
             Wherever possible, this major project may be combined with your job, other coursework,
                 research project you are a part of, etc.

I will provide much of the structure for the first two domains, "Reading and Reflection" and "Personal Information Strategy."

Your work in the first domain will be evaluated largely through your email responses to assignments, contributions to discussions on the listserv on specific topics, and your contributions to discussion sin class. Your work on the "Personal Information Strategy" will lead to a carefully structured set of resources, websites, priorities, etc., coupled with a reflection paper on how you will deal with information and time management.

The last two domains call for you to take the initiative in setting goals, balancing efforts among these two and producing quality products that you share with the class and submit to me as evidence of your learning and work in the course.

Your work in "Skill Development" and the "Major Project" need not be distinct or compartmentalized, but I would like you to be clear with me and yourself how you are addressing all four domains. For example, it may well be that you will target Skill Development in support of your Major Project. And your development of a personal information strategy may inform or discipline your pursuit of how to integrate technology into your teaching.

Let's imagine that Domain 1 will be 25% of your work in the class; Domain 2 will be 15%.
In your response to this assignment, indicate how you propose to apportion the remaining 60% of your work between Skill Development and Major Project.

We will discuss this assignment in class today.

Patrick Dickson, Professor