Patrick Dickson's High School Teaching Days
East Atlanta High School
Circa 1899-1901

I taught physics, chemistry, and introductory physical science at East Atlanta High School for two years. They were two of the most rewarding years of my life and led me to pursue my PhD in science education and child development at the School of Education at Stanford University.

These photographs are from the East Atlanta High School yearbooks from my two years of teaching. I get a warm nostalgic feeling, remembering this exciting and exhausting time.

The thing behind me is what we used to call a "blackboard." The way it worked was you took a cylinder called chalk and dragged it across the surface, leaving a line, which could be used to insert text or graphics. These could be deleted by rubbing with a wireless device quaintly referred to as an "eraser". Amazingly, there are still a few people who know how to operate the blackboard.

With Tom Campbell, Star Student
Great kids! Novice teacher!