Department of Sociology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824 -1111
Phone: (517) 353-5089 FAX: (517) 432-2856

Curriculum Vitae

Harry Perlstadt, Ph.D., M.P.H.
I I teach the following courses I I'm active in the following professional associations:
I Soc 322 Sociology of Work I ASA Sociological Practice Section
I Soc 475 Sociology of Health Care System I American Public Health Association
I Soc 873 Social Organization of Health and Medicine I Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology
I Soc 977 Social Epidemiology I Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
II My research interests are: II I do consulting and give advice on:
I Evaluation of multi-site cluster programs I Evaluation design
I Community partnerships and collaborations I LOGIC Models
I Health organization, delivery and professions I Human Subjects Protection and Waivers
  I Organizational Structure and Bylaws
II I have written on the following topics. Please click on a topic for complete references and .pdf links:
Citizen Participation and Community Partnerships for Health
Health Professions Education
Hill-Burton Act
Women Lawyers
Evaluation Methodology
Program Evaluation
Applied Sociology
Research Ethics and a Researcher's Bill of Rights
Updated 9/30/2006