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Genitals do not determine identity
Anatomy is not destiny

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting." -- e.e. cummings

Website Updates (04/20/08)

* Information is up about Lavender Graduation! Email lbgtrc@msu.edu if you're graduating.

Consider yourself an ally to the transgender community? Are you part of the transgender/genderqueer community? Want to get more active or just meet trans students and their allies? Then come to the TransForm MSU and TransAction meetings to be held on the following dates [For more info on TransAction and TransForm MSU check out our about page]:

All are welcome.

Meeting Dates
Meeting Location
January 18, 7pm Union, Room 441

First meeting of the semester - Coloring and Game Night!!

January 25, 7:30pm Campus Center Cinema, Wells Hall Phi Tau Mu is going to the movies! Meet us at the ticket counter at Wells Hall at 7:15pm for the 7:30 showing of Resident Evil: Extinction (2007). Tickets are free for MSU undergraduates living on campus, $2 for everyone else.
February 1, 7pm Union, Room 441 Meeting cancelled.
February 8, 7pm Union, Room 441 Discussion topics: Proposed website by the trans housing committee, Pride Week events, visits to/from our friends at Affirmations, and more!
February 12, 7:30-9pm W013 Philips Hall Pre-Valentine's Day Mixer with RING
February 15, 7pm Union, Room 441 CANCELLED: See mixer information above
February 22, 7pm Union, Room 441 CANCELLED
February 29, 7pm Union, Room 441 CANCELLED
March 7, 7pm   SPRING BREAK
March 14, 7pm Union, Room 441 Post-Spring Break meeting: How was your break? Plans for the rest of the semester; Pride Week event
March 21, 7pm Union, Room 441 Positive Trans Images!! Know about positive media representation in books, movies, famous people? Come and learn about them or teach the rest of us!
March 28, 7pm Union, Room 441 Positive Trans Images!! (cont.)
April 4, 7pm Union, Room 441  
April 11, 7pm Union, Room 441 No meeting - Go to Pride Week events!
April 18, 7pm Union, Room 441 No meeting - Go to Pride Week events!
April 25, 7pm Union, Room 441 No meeting - Last day of classes and National Day of Silence

If you'd like send us your email and we'll send you reminders about the meetings. The email list also serves as a medium to announce additional meetings that might be called outside of the regular meeting times. Also, check out the allies and resources pages for more information and self-education.

Articles of Interest (MSU related)

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We're on Facebook and Livejournal Too!!

Do you support the Gender Identity campaign? Do you have an MSU profile on Facebook? Then join us on the I Support adding 'Gender Identity (and Expression)' to MSU's Anti-Discrimination Policy Facebook group.

Want to attend any of the transgender and gender identity related conferences that Phi Tau Mu attends? Wanna know what we're up to? Want to just meet other folks or get random news posts relating to the transgender community? Get online and join our LJ community. Getting an LJ account is free and easy to use, but if you're not bothered you can also post anonymously.

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