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What's on this page?

These are the personal stories of every day folks relaying their lives, their transitional processes, and whatever else is important to them. Often times, the best way to know ourselves is through the stories of others.

Personal Websites and Stories

Although this section is divided into those that are understood to be transitioning from female to male bodies (labeled FTM) and those that are transitioning from male to female bodies (labeled MTF), we understand that these labels and definitions are not completely accurate for everyone involved. Please respect the individuals' experiences and stories as their own. We are also looking for stories that reflect experiences of gender-variant folks that are not going through physical transitions, or who are but do not identify as FTM or MTF (ie. are more gender-fluid/genderqueer), as well as a couple more MTF stories.


A Normal Man in an Abnormal World - The experiences of Ryan, a self-identified gender dysphoric man.
Alteredboy's Page - The first two years of transition of an FTM transsexual in his mid-thirties.
Brandon Riley - Another transguy's website
Ethan Daniel - Vet Med student's transitional journey
etre pour soi - The personal blog of a transman of color
Man To Be - Arsiei's livejournal.
My Transition Diary - Michael's website also includes a ton of resources and information to check out.
Scouting the unknown - The story of one genderqueer person going through the transition from female to male
Sean Miller - The story of an f2m youth in North Carolina, including other resources.
Xavier Dane - The website of an African American Black male TransMAN
Zander's Place - The website of a 19 year old pre-transitional transboy living in Massachusetts


Differently Gendered - Diane Wilson's story.
Nika Askini - The blog and website of Danielle Nika Askini.
Transcollege - Vanessa's livejournal

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