History 201
Fall 2007

Charles Radding  (radding@msu.edu)
Office hours: 406A Morrill Hall
                     MW: 11:30-12:30 

Rules of the Course
Research Paper Assignment

Calendar of Assignments

Note: These assignments may be modified in the course of the semester.

Week 1 (27 August)

     Mon.: Introduction to the course
     Wed.: An overview of the medieval church
     Read: Southern, pp. 24-44, 91-133, 170-240

Week 2 (3 Sept.)

     Wed.: Morris, The Papal Monarchy, pp. 11-78; readings on Angel
     Writing assignment: write a 2-3 page essay discussing how eleventh-century monastic reform
     differed from earlier Benedictine monasticism. This paper, as all others, should use footnotes
     (a stylesheet is available on Angel), normal margins and font sizes.

Week 3 (10 Sept.)

     Mon.: Morris, pp. 79-133; written reports on Register of Gregory VII (on reserve)
     Prepare brief (1-2 page) reports on Gregory VII's dealings with one of the following
     individuals as documented in his register: Hugh of Die, Desiderius of Montecassino, Hugh
     of Cluny, Manasses of Reims, Matilda of Tuscany, Guibert of Ravenna, Hermann of Metz,
     Bernard of St. Victor, Anselm of Lucca, Gerald, card-bp of Ostia. For background, you can
     consult Cowdrey, Pope Gregory VII, also on reserve. You should also be prepared to discuss
     your research in class and also to discuss the character of Gregory's Register as a historical
     Wed.: Miller, pp. 1-29, 45-121

Week 4 (17 Sept.)

     Investiture Contest
     Readings: Morris, 134-173; other readings on Angel

Week 5 (24 Sept.)

     Schools, Universities and Learning in the Twelfth Century
     Morris, pp. 316-38, 358-86; Chenu, chaps. 8, 9; materials on Angel

Week 6 (1 Oct.)

     Reform and Dissent
     Morris, pp. 37-62, 339-57; Chenu, chaps. 6, 7; materials on Angel

Week 7 (8 Oct.)

     Mon.: The Laity and the Church
     Readings: Morris, pp. 287-315
     Wed.: The Papal Monarchy in the Twelfth Century
     Readings: Morris, pp. 182-236, 387-409

Week 8 (15 Oct.)

     The Thirteenth-century Church
     Readings: Morris, pp. 413-482

Week 9 (22 Oct.)


Week 10 (29 Oct.)

     Research week: no class but I will be available in my office during the class hour

Week 11 (5 Nov.): Oral presentations of paper proposals

Week 12 (12 Nov.)

     Research week: no class but I will be available in my office during the class hour

Week 13 (19 Nov.) [Thanksgiving]

     Mon.: First drafts of research papers due

Week 14 (26 Nov.)

     Mon.: First drafts of research papers returned

Week 15 (3 Dec.)

     Wed.: Research papers due