Hist. 205
Spring 2003

Objectives of the course:

The purpose of this course is to survey the basic materials of early European history and to introduce the concepts of culture, social structure, institutions, and gender as they are used in historical analysis.


The following books are available for purchase. All of them will be used in the course.

Alternative translations and editions of these works are also acceptable.

My homepage contains a link to an online copy of the syllabus, which contains further links to assigned readings available electronically. These documents should not be read online; instead, they should be printed and brought to class. You may wish to purchase a copy of Machiavelli, The Prince, of which there are many editions available, rather than using (and printing) the on-line text.


Grades will be determined by the following percentages:

Grades will be awarded on the basis of ability to master material and develop appropriate generalizations about it. Papers will also be graded on clarity and accuracy of English prose. Points will be deducted for grammatical and spelling errors.

Class Participation and Attendance Policy

The participation portion of the grade will reflect coming to class with the readings already done and prepared to answer or ask questions about them. Additionally, students who are absent without excuse more than twice in the course of the semester will have their class participation grade reduced proportionally. Readings are to be done before the day for which they are assigned, and generally will be the basis for a discussion in class.


Instances of academic dishonesty will be severely punished, with penalties up to failure on the assignment and failure in the course.