History 332B: Europe in the Central Middle Ages

Spring 2006
Professor: Charles Radding
406A Morrill Hall
Office hours: Mon., Wed.: 1:30- 2:30

Description of the Course

On-line atlas of Medieval Europe



(Note: additional readings from Angel will be added to the syllabus as the course goes on.)

Week I (Jan. 9)

Week II (Jan. 16)

Week III (Jan. 23)

Week IV (Jan. 30)

Week V (Feb. 6)

Week VI (Feb. 13)

         Learning in the eleventh century 

Week VII (Feb. 20)

Week VIII (Feb. 27)

            SPRING BREAK

Week IX (March 13)

Week X (Mar. 20)

Week XI (Mar. 27)

Week XII (Apr. 3)

Week XIII (Apr. 10)

Week XIV (Apr. 17)

Week XV (Apr. 24)