History 482
Fall 2003

Subject and goals of the course:

The course focuses on western Europe during the period between 1050-1150, a period including the Investiture Contest, the first crusade, and a significant development of learning. The format of the classes will be discussion based upon reading done in advance. The first several weeks of the course will be devoted to introducing students not just to the events themselves but also to historical interpretations and the original sources upon which those interpretations are based. By the end of the semester, students will be expected to have written a research paper on a subject within the scope of the course.


Final grades will be determined according to the following percentages:

Class participation has three components: students are expected to come to class, having read the assigned material beforehand, and to express their own positions orally as part of class discussion.

Papers will be graded both for their historical knowledge and understanding and for their clarity and felicity of expression. Standard humanities citation form is to be employed; either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. All papers are to be typed, and will be due at the beginning of class on the day for which they are assigned. The in-class presentation, which will be based upon the research paper and will come at the end of the course, will be evaluated according to clarity of presentation and the quality of the research presented.

Instances of academic dishonesty will be severely punished, with penalities up to failure on the assignment and failure in the course.


The following books have been ordered for use in the course.