Raechel A. (White) Bianchetti

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I am an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Science. I study the interactions between history, satellite (and aerial) imagery, and society. I apply remote sensing analysis methods to historical imagery to interpret emerging landscape patterns, and I study how militarism and warfare shaped our understanding of image interpetation during the Great Wars. I am interested in working with historians, archeologists, and others with research focuses on early to mid 20th century events. Feel free to contact me (bnketti at msu.edu)!

I teach Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis Methods (GEO 826 GeoComputation) in addition to the two cartography courses (GEO 326 and 426). In all three courses I emphasize the role of spatial knowledge and cognition to our understanding of geospatial data and creativity. I incorporate my own artistic hobbies in the classes and encourage students to bring their own artistic or scientific interests as well. In the past students have completed hand drawn maps, water colorings, and this year we will be working with clay.

I am originally from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. I enjoy anything creative, but especially landscape photography, orchid growing, pottery, woodworking, and classical literature. I am a long-distance parent, and a pet parent to a Flemish Giant bunny named Fergus, a Doberman named Zelda, and a cat named Charlie.