{R}aechel A. Portelli

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Raechel Portelli is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Michigan State University studying spatial patterns in grassland and post-fire environments. She is interested in collaborations with biologists, agricultural scientists, and other plant-focused researchers. Past students have worked on research concerning red cedar encroachment in Kansas, jack pine establishment, and beach morphology studies using a variety of remote sensing data products. Most recently she has begun collaborating with researchers interested in grazing effects in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Dr. Portelli is also active in outreach, spending the summer of 2019 working with the Michigan State University Upward Bound Math and Science program to teach courses in physical geography, research writing, and composition. In the past, she has participated in other MSU outreach programs and advised the MSU Supporting Women in Geography student group. When she's not teaching cartography or doing her remote sensing research, she is at home tending to her orchid collection, many pets, making pottery or running. Her favorite part about being a professor is the "I get it" look on students faces when they have overcome some difficult problem or concept in class.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal.
My strength lies solely in my tenacity." L. Pasteur