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Cognitive Approches to Remote Sensing Expertise

As a Geographic Information Scientist, my research addresses the elements of expertise that support reasoning about remotely sensed data. This research has important implications not only for the use of remote sensing data, but also the design of new training methods and geovisual analytics design. I study expertise from a unique vantage point, as I have more than 10 years of experience analyzing of remote sensing data. As a PhD I also gained experience in the use of cognitive systems engineering and behavioral research methods. I combine both remote sensing analysis and cognitive science to improve our understanding of expertise to inform image analysis process design.

Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis

Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) is a paradigm of remote sensing image analysis that has arisen in response to increasing spatial resolutions. Heavily influenced by methodologies arising in computer vision, ruleset development and classification in a GEOBIA process has strong ties to experts' visual and cognitive processes. I am currently exploring methods for more tightly coupling human interpretation and GEOBIA. In addition to the cognitive aspects of GEOBIA development, I am also interested in the application of GEOBIA to environmental applications.

Pertinent Publications