In the listing of Publisher Information

1. The Publisher of Record is listed first. 

2. The publishers who are functioning as Rental Agents are listed next

        using the following abbreviations: 

ADD   Addison Wesley

ALF    Alfred Publishing 

ALL    Allyn & Bacon

BAL   Ballerbach Publishing

BMU  Beam Me Up 

BEL  Belwin Mills  

EMI EMI Music Publishing

SCH  G. Schirmer

HOR  H O Reed Music

KJO  Neil A. Kjos 

LUD  Ludwig Publishers

MIL   Mills  Music

WB   Warner Brothers

TP     Theodore Presser

Note: Much of this music can be obtained through The European American Music Distributors LLC

or through the composer (HO Reed Music). See also: EMI Mills and sheetmusic plus


Orchestral Works 


Date           Title                                                     Publisher           T Code (ASCAP)         Duration        

1938 EVANGELINE                     H O Reed Music 350433622  15:00              

1939 SYMPHONY  NO. 1                           EMI  Mills/ SCH        TP491701899               20:00

1940 OVERTURE       Alfred/EMI/SCH 450452387                      6:00

1942       SYMPHONIC DANCE Alfred Publishing     491679968                4:00

1949 CONCERTO FOR CELLO Alfred Publishing 331082681             19:00

                      AND ORCHESTRA        

1955 MICHIGAN MORN     (Accompaniment)    Alfred Publishing                                       4:00   

1961 OVERTURE FOR STRINGS   H.O.Reed Music       450387181             20:00                

1968 TURNING MIND H.O.Reed Music/TP 500333964             10:00  

1979 UT RE MI, a variation on the hymn       H O Reed Music     510183269                     8:00

to St. John the Baptist, “Ut queant 

laxis,” for orchestra and taped or 

live men's voices

2001 CHRISTMAS EVE   H O Reed Music     331098290                     8:00

                      A Big Band arrangement with optional 

                      male and female vocalists of a 

                      Christmas song by H. Owen Reed and 

                      Johnny Kidd.  String parts are 

                      available for performing Christmas Eve 

                      with symphony orchestra and large jazz 

                      ensemble. Dramatic possibilities! (aka Song of Acapulco)  

2001 SONG OF ACAPULCO H. O. Reed Music    491690525                     8:00

A Big Band arrangement with optionalmale 

vocalist on a song by H. Owen Reed  a nd Johny

Kidd. String parts are availablefor performance 

with symphony orchestra and large jazz ensemble. (aka Christmas Eve)

Winds and Percussion

1947 SPIRITUAL Ballerbach Music  490126431                     5:00          

1949 LA FIESTA MEXICANA   Alfred Publishing     360017385              20:00

1949 FESTIVAL from FIESTA MEXICANA Alfred Publishing 360017385                6:00

1949 PRELUDE & AZTEC DANCE (FIESTA MEX.)Alfred Publishing      460070726                6:00

1949      TORO, EL (from FIESTA MEXICANA)              Alfred Publishing      500103033                     2:00

1951 MISSOURI SHINDIG                 Ballerbach Music 430073306                6:00

1954 THEME AND VARIATIONS,                         Ballerbach Music                                    8:30

               from the Beethoven String Quartet in A-Major, Op. 18, No. 55

1958       RENASCENCE   Ballerbach Music       480586169              10:00

1959 CHE-BA-KUN-AH (Road of Souls“) EMI Mills               331001908                    7:00

for wind ensemble and string quartet,

(also designed for choreography)

1971 TOUCH OF THE EARTH. THE         Ballerbach Music   500333964                  26:00

for concert band, chorus and 

soloist   (or band alone)

1972 FOR THE UNFORTUNATE             Neil A. Kjos 360264984              13:00

for concert band and tape (for live choir)

1980 UT RE MI, a variation on the hymn Ballerbach Music 510188700              10:00  

Ut queant  laxis,” for Wind Ensemble and taped or live men's voices

1985 AWAKENING OF THE  ENTS         Ludwig Music        310292887                8:00

for winds and percussion(See also Master Music & Kalmus)

1954       FIESTA MEXICANA, LA Alfred Publishing                2:28

arranged for marching band by Jim Prime

               and Fred Magro

1954 EL TORO MARCH for marching band Alfred Publishing 500103033                2:00

1987      OF LOTH LORIEN Ballerbach Music   450207679                9:00

for winds and percussion

2005      HEART OF THE MORN Ballerbach Music   380288162                4:00

(formerly “Michigan Morn”) for band or band 

and voices, from the opera PETER HOMANS     (Band alone:)  380746283  


2006  FROLICKING WINDS EMI Mills .                                          4:00

Adapted from SYMPHONIC DANCE and 

arranged for Wind Ensemble by William Berz

 2008 OVERTURE 1940 for Wind Ensemble.         Alfred Publishing        450291882                   6:00

                     adapted and arranged for wind ensemble by        (BMU)

William Berz from Reed's Overture for Orchestra

Big Band (Jazz)

2001 CHRISTMAS EVE aka SONG OF ACAPULCO  H O Reed Music     331098290                   8:00

A Big Band arrangement with optional male and

                     female vocalists of a Christmas song by 

                     H. Owen Reed and Johnny Kidd. 

                     Dramatic possibilities! Also available with 

                     orchestral strings for symphony orchestra. 

2001 SONG OF ACAPULCO                 H O Reed Music                                8:00

Big Band arrangement with optional male 

vocalist of a song by H. Owen Reed 

             and Johnny Kidd. Also available with 

orchestral strings for symphony orchestra. 

Chamber Music   

1934       PIANO SONATA                         H O Reed Music 460712087         9:00   

1937 STRING QUARTET H O Reed Music 491699802       15:00    

1939       MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE H.O Reed Music    430951223                 3:00

(aka SONG OF PRAISE) soprano, 

2 fls., ob., 2 cls., bsn., hrn.

1947 SCHERZO for clarinet  and piano   H O Reed Music 490990408             4:00

1947 THREE NATIONALITIES  for piano H O Reed Music 5006339 25           4:00

1953 NOCTURNE  for piano                                                                2:30

pub. In Intermediate American Piano Pieces, 

                      PANORAMA, the American Music Company

1954 SYMPHONIC DANCE EMI                   491670068                  4:00     

                      for piano and woodwind quintet  ( + 2 piano arrangement)         491679968               4:00

1954       SYMPHONIC DANCE  for 2 pianos                       H O Reed Music                 4:00

1962 EL MUCHACHO   for piano BMU/ALFRED 430155218                 12:00

1962 EL MUCHACHO for Jazz Sextet H O Reed Music                                 2:00 

1965 EL MUCHACHO for 7 handbells &                       Alfred Publishing                                         2:20         

                      3 Percussion

1965 EL MUCHACHO, flute,clarinet  & piamo              H O Reed Music                                   2:00  

1975 SON DE LA NEGRA for piano H O Reed Music 140035325                 2:30

1976      GIVE THE FIDDLER A DRAM (fiddle)                   H O Reed Music                                             1:00   

1986      FANFARE FOR REMEMBRANCE                         Ballerbach l(1992)  360386466      11:00

for 6 trumpets, flugelhorn, percussion, & narrator 

2004 WONDROUS LOVE   (American folk               H O Reed Music  530483862           4:00

              hymn) for Tenor and Woodwind Quintet          

Vocal Music      

1938`     PSALM OF PRAISE                                EMI Mills

              (aka MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE)                          H O Reed Music     430951223                  3:00

soprano, 2 fls, ob., 2 cls.,bsn., hrn.,

1947 DUSK (Tom Boggs)    Med. voice                            EMI Mills                340284580                  3:00

1948 MOUNTAIN MEDITATION                                 H O Reed Music                                  2:30

(Marion Cuthbertson) Med. voice 

1949 PASSING OF JOHN BLACKFEATHER                  H O Reed Music   460419823                  2:00

(Merrick F. McCarthy)  Med. voice                                        

1950 TWO TONGUE TWISTERS                            H O Reed Music   500487763                  2:30                    

                      for mixed voices                              

1954 CHRISTMAS EVE, (aka Song of Acapulco)          H O Reed Music   491690543                  2:00

(With John W. Kidd)

1955 MICHIGAN MORN, from the opera                        EMI Mills/SCH         431002407          4:00  

                     MICHIGAN DREAM, for *SATB, TTBB, 

SSA, Available with accompaniment

of harp, piano, orchestra, or band

1955 OX-DRIVING SONG                                  H O Reed Music   1500026174                2:30

for mixed voices or men's voices.             

                     Available with accompaniment of  banjo,

strg  bass,clarinet, bass clarinet, or piano 

1955      SONGS FROM MICHIGAN DREAM                Alfred  Publishing/  491690525

                    Lyrics by John Jennnings                                             EMI

All Through the Day, Sop & Cont. 4:00

Dearest Mother,Cont. & Bass   3: 00

                    Dream of the Lumberjack Bar...2:30  

Hayin’ Time   Mez. Sop...3:00

Michigan Morn  Mez. Sop or Bass...4:00            EMI Mills 491690525                  4:00

                    Never Will I Promise You, Sop...2:00

Peter Homan the Millionaire, Mez. Sop...3:00 

Seeing You is Believing, Mez. Sop...3:00 

You’re a Rare One, Cont....3:00

1957 CLOSE BESIDE THE WINDING                 H O Reed Music     331070587                 4:00

CEDAR   Arr. by H. Owen Reed

1958       PROUD CHIEFTAINS  and  Allyn & Bacon (1967)                            1:00

                     OKEMOS FIGHT SONG,

published in MUSIC FOR THE

SCHOOL CHORUS, by Niblock 

& Hutcheson

1958 RIPLEY FERRY, for women's voices H O Reed Music    480592107                 3:00

and wind septet, on a poem by Merriick F.


1958 PSALM OF PRAISE  for SSAATTBB  (aka          H O Reed Music    460704087                 3:00

                     MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE)

1958 PSALM OF PRAISE for Sop, 2 fls., ob.,2 cls.,   H O Reed Music    430951223                 3:00                

                     bsn., hrn.                       

1963       TABERNACLE FOR THE SUN                     EMI Mills/SCH       501040108               18:00

                     an oratorio for a lyrical chorus of

                     mixed voices, a speaking chorus

                     of men's voices, contralto, and 

orchestra.  Libretto by 

Merrick F. McCarthy, M. D.

1963 LORD GOD of SEA H O Reed Music                  2:40

                     a hymn from A TABERNACLE FOR THE SUN  

text by Merrick F. McCarthy, M. D., 

for mixed chorus

1977 REJOICE! REJOICE!,                            H O Reed Music  480277154          8-10:00

for chorus, taped chorus, soloist,

                     vibe (orch. bells), and double bass

2002 PSALM OF PRAISE H O Reed Music     460704087           3:00        



2002      PSALM OF PRAISE (aka MAKE A H O Reed Music  430951223           3:00

JOYFU L  NOISE)  soprano, 2 fls., ob., 2 cls.,

            bsn., hrn.                        

See also: TOUCH OF THE EARTH,  Listed under "Winds & Percussion"

Stage Works

1936 MASQUE of the RED DEATH H O Reed Music  430960884          20:00

              a ballet-pantomime for symphony

              orchestra and cast

1949      FIESTA MEXICANA Alfred Publishing.                   20:00

                     a symphonic work for wind ensemble or 

full symphony orchestra, based on    

                     Mexican folk music. May be performed    

                     with dance group,  choreographed by    

                     Forrest W. Coggan

1955 MICHIGAN DREAM  (aka PETER Alfred. EMI/MillsM/EAMD           2 hours                                  

HOMANS DREAM),  a two-act opera                                                                                  

                     revised 1959, book and libretto by John   

                     Jennings, for orchestra and cast.

Choreography by Forrest Coggan

1959 CHE-BA-KUN-AH ("Road of Souls") EMI                          331087908                7:00

for wind ensemble and string quartet.

Staging & choreography by Forrest Coggan. 

1960       EARTH TRAPPED, EMI/G. Schirmer    350435728           18:00

A chamber dance-opera for contralto, 

fifteen instruments, and two dancers.

Staging & choreography by Forrest W.

                     Coggan. Based on an Indian spirit Legend 

             on a story by Hartley Alexander

1974       LIVING SOLID FACE, an Indian  spirit H O Reed Music 420835529           27:00              

                     legend on a story by Hartley Alexander,  

             libretto and staging by Forrest W. Coggan. 

For chamber orchestra of eighteen, narrator, 

                     two small men's choirs, two solo dancers, 

and dance chorus

1980       BUTTERFLY GIRL and MIRAGE BOY, H O Reed Music 320904031           24:00

An Indian spirit legend on a story by    

                     Hartley Alexander, libretto & staging by 

Forrest W. Coggan. For soprano, contralto,    

                     Rhodes electric piano, three percussion,

three dancers, and alto flute.


1947 Workbook in the Fundamentals of Music Alfred Publishing.                 

1954 Basic Music, a college theory text Alfred Publishing.            

1954 Basic Music Workbook, a companion to Basic Music Alfred Publishing.

2004 Composition Analysis Chart H O Reed Music 

1964 Basic Contrapuntal Technique, co-authored Alfred Publishing.

with Paul Harder (text)

1964 Basic Contrapuntal Technique Workbook, Alfred Publishing.

                       a companion to Basic Contrapuntal Technique (text)

1969 Scoring for Percussion and the Instruments Alfred Publishing.

of the Percussion Section, co-authored with

Joel T. Leach, Prentice Hall, 1969. Revised, 1979,

and published by Alfred Publishing Co.

1978      Materials of Music Composition  ADD/H O Reed Music

co-authored with Robert G. Sidnell (out of print, 

                    available from H. Owen Reed)    

                    Book I: Fundamentals  (1978}     

Book II:  Exploring the Parameters (1980) 

Assigned to H O Reed Music  1985  

2003      Basic Contrapuntal Techniques, revised by Alfred Publishing.

H. Owen Reed & Greg Steinke

         and published by Warner Bros. Now Alfred 

Note; Copies of most  music and books may be found in the Michigan State University LIbrary.