Fish Farming in the Plateau Region of Togo, West Africa


Pamela Riley Miklavcic

These photographs document my work, during1987 - 1989, as a freshwater fisheries extension agent for the United States Peace Corps. Based in the village of Omoutchi, between Atakpame and Badou in Togo, I worked with farmers in approximately ten surrounding villages to construct gravity-fed fish ponds and then raise and harvest a tasty, fast-growing , hearty fish known as tilapia nilotica. This new food source served to enhance the consumption of protein in Togo's plateau region and also provided families with an excellent way to generate additional household income.

A general view of some fish ponds (Omoutchi, Togo)

Constructing a pond. Part 1, Part 2.

Maintaining the pond.

Harvest time!

Fish abound and everybody's happy!

Or ALMOST everybody's happy...

A fish farmers' union

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