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R. Jan Stevenson
Algal Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, & Environmental Science

I employ my technical expertise in algal taxonomy and ecology to test ecological theory and to develop approaches for solving environmental problems. I am particularly interested in how ecological systems respond to environmental change. I also work with federal and state officials to develop protocols for ecological assessment and development of water quality criteria. Working with resource managers and policy makers often stimulates new directions for my research.  One of these new directions is relating ecosystem services and condition in coupled human and natural systems.

Staurosira stevensonii Manoylov

Center for Water Sciences & Department of Zoology, 203 Natural Science Building
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824
email: rjstev@msu.edu    phone: 517-432-8083   fax: 517-432-2789
Header: Filamentous green alga, Bambusina