Welcome to Zoology 316!

On this website, you will find some materials related to the Zoology 316 course for Spring Semester 2012. These materials include the syllabus and lecture schedule, but will NOT include lecture notes. You are expected to attend all lectures to get important information.

Handouts given out in class will be posted on this website within 24 hours of the lecture whenever possible.

Important Updates:


It recently came to my attention that the lecture schedule said that April 27th would be "Slides and Review". This is incorrect. April 27th is the date of the FOURTH EXAM. This has been corrected on the schedule page, and was already correct on the syllabus page. I apologize for any inconvenience.

*Homework and Study Aids posted:

The homework and study aids have been posted on the handouts page of the website (Top of the page). Please keep in mind that the homework is due IN CLASS on Friday, Mar 23rd and that the study aids are intended to be aids, not lists of what will be on the exam. There will be questions on the exam that are not covered in the worksheet.

*Second Hour Exams, Mar 2,2012:

11 points will be added to all the second hour exams. These points will not show up until the end of term.

*Electronic Feedback Form

I have set up an "Electronic Comment Box" where you can leave anonymous comments regarding the lecture, website, etc so that I can get immediate feedback from you and use it to improve my teaching and your experience in the course during my time lecturing. There will also be an opportunity to fill out an official evaluation regarding my instruction after the third exam. NOTE: due to restrictions on the MSU server regarding php coding, the comment box is hosted on the external site rebeccamorningstar.com. Click here to go to the comment box now. And thank you in advance for your feedback!


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