The Great Gatsby:

A Creative Writing Assignment


For the remainder of the hour, we are going to engage in some informal creative writing. I would like you guys to free-write the end of the Great Gatsby, if it had to end after chapter five. Please keep in mind that the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy in chapter five ended up going well after all. Make sure to answer the following questions creatively in your response.


                1) What do you predict will happen?

2) Will there be a happy ending or a sad ending? If the story had to end after chapter five, how do you think it would end?

3) Make sure to include how this ending will affect the other main characters besides Daisy and Gatsby (Nick, Jordan Baker, Tom Buchanan).

                4) Would these characters all have achieved their "American dream?"


This paper must be one to two-pages and worked on individually.


Due: tomorrow.


Feel free to use the rest of this sheet for brainstorming ideas.


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