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*IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes have been made to the grading scale! Please take notice! Thank You.
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General Information
Teacher: Ms. Rozema
Location: Room 601
Hours: 2 nd Only
Duration: 1 Semester (Science Elective)


Course Outline
*Please note that the below dates may change according to student and curriculum needs.
(9-9 thru 9-18) Brief Biology Review (Biomolecules, Organization, Cells, Homeostasis)

(9-9 thru 9-18) Dissection Terminology & Protocol

(9-21 thru 10-6) Nervous System (Neurons, Brain, Stimuli, Response)

(10-7 thru 10-23) Circulatory System (Blood, Heart, Lungs, Gas Exchange)

(10-26 thru 11-13) Digestive & Excretory Systems (Food/Energy, Nutrients, Waste)

(11-16 thru 12-4) Skeletal & Muscular Systems (Bones, Muscles)

(12-7 thru 1-8) Homeostatic Response (Immune System, Disease, Disorder)

(1-11 thru 1-15) Large Mammal Dissection

(Week of 1-18) Final Exam


Necessary Materials

It will be expected that each student has the following materials by the first Monday of Class. The below materials can be purchased at a Dollar Store, Meijer, Wal-Mart, Target or Drug Store. Typically office-supply stores are more expensive; however the purchasing location is not of focus. Notice some of the supplies have (*) next to them because they can be homemade!

  • 3-Ring Binder: 1.5inch & Pockets
  • #2 Pencils (necessary for tests)
  • *5 Dividers (Vocab & Notes, Do Now, Class Work, Homework, Quizzes & Grades)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Lined Paper
  • Pens
  • *Pencil Case
  • Markers

*All Materials, including Binders, will be checked in for Homework credit. These items will be checked in without any notice, for completion and organization.

Classroom Expectations

“Yield and Overcome” is a poem and saying I follow in my personal, professional, and academic life. There will always be conflict, frustration, and challenge. However, a person will gain intelligence and respect by thinking, overcoming, and moving on.

Students are to respect all aspects of learning within the classroom. These include: All Materials, All Routines and All People (Teacher, Peers, and Themselves).

When students are not respecting all aspects of the classroom they will be asked to think, change and move on. If a student cannot think about their actions, change their actions, and move on, they may be asked to go to the SRC or their administrator.

  • Entering:
    • Read & Follow the Directions.
    • Sit in your Assigned Seat.
    • Have your Materials Ready.
    • Begin the Starter (quietly).
  • During:
    • Focus.
    • Listen to & Follow Directions.
    • Respect….yourself, your peers, your teacher, and all materials.
  • Leaving:
    • Listen to & Follow Directions.
    • Check the Board.
    • Tidy Up.
    • Stay Seated in your Assigned Seat.
  • THS Code of Conduct: All content within the THS Code of Conduct will be adhered to within this classroom. For a refresher on Thurston’s policies please see your student handbook.


Participation—[5% of overall grade] In order for students to fully benefit from the classroom experience, it is expected that they will pay attention, both answer and ask questions, engage in activities, complete homework, and collaborate with both their peers and their teacher. Students will receive 2pts/class period for participating appropriately. Students may lose points when they do not participate as described above.

Class Work—[10% of overall grade] Students are expected to engage in “bell work”, open discussions, note-taking and lectures, demonstrations, peer-collaboration, projects, simulations and labs and other activities during the class period. During these activities students may be asked to converse with their peers or teacher, answer questions, take notes, etc. Students will receive 2pts/class period for engaging in class work appropriately. Students may lose points when they do not engage in and complete class work.

Homework—[10% of overall grade] Students will be given tasks to complete at home, in their own time. Students will be graded purely upon completion and genuine effort. IMPORTANT NOTE: NO LATE WORK. Late work will not be accepted. Homework will be considered “late” when it is not brought to the necessary class period and ready to turn in. Students will not be given passes back to their lockers, and may not turn in at the end of the day or after class. Students will receive 5pts/homework assignment for full completion. Students may lose points when homework is not turned in, late, or not completed.

Quizzes—[25%] Students will be given in class quizzes on a weekly basis. Students will not be allowed to use any notes or additional resources on the quizzes. Students will be given one chance to re-take each quiz, during Flex or After School, any time before the end of the given unit. The highest quiz grade will be the final record grade. Quiz re-takes may be different from the original. Students may want to come in for Flex or After School prior to the re-take to discuss errors, misunderstandings, and general problem-areas.

Tests—[50%] Students will be given a larger test at the conclusion of ever unit. Units typically extend between three to five weeks, but vary depending on the content and student needs. Students will not be allowed to use any notes or additional resources on the tests. Students will NOT be given any chance to re-take the tests. Therefore, students are encouraged to learn from unit quizzes, homework, class work, and additional help in order to successfully prepare.








A 93.0 and up

A- 90.0-82.9%

B+ 84.0-89.9%

B 83.0%

B- 80.0-82.9%

C+ 74.0-79.9%

C 73.0%

C- 70.0-72.9%

D+ 64.0-69.9%

D 63.0%

D- 60.0-62.9%

0.0 – 59.9%

*Grades will not be curved, amplified, bumped, or adjusted under any circumstances. For instance, if a student receives a 59.9% they will fail the class. If a student receives a 89.9% they will receive a B+ and will not be bumped up to an A-.

Text Box: Overall Semester Grade:  Marking Period 1     +     Marking Period 2   +    Final Exam  = Semester


Hall Passes--- Students will be allowed to go to the bathroom/hall by borrowing a classroom-pass. Students may only go to the bathroom or into the hall one at a time. Students may not use the passes during the first or last ten minutes of any class period.

Tardies--- Students will be considered “tardy” when they are not at their seat at the time of the bell ringing. Students speaking with the teacher, an administrator, or turning in homework will be excused. Please see the Thurston Student Handbook for tardy-policy details and procedures.

Absences--- When students are absent they are still responsible for understanding any class work completed, and must complete any homework received upon their absence. If a student is absent during a Quiz they have until the end of the unit to complete it. If a student is absent during a Test they have until the end of the marking period to complete it. IMPORTANT: Students will not receive credit for homework, quizzes or tests if the absence is NOT excused! Please see the Thurston Student Handbook for absent-policy details and procedures.

Cell Phones---If students are seen text messaging during class their cell phone will be confiscated by the teacher. Surprisingly, teachers know when you are text messaging… even if you think you are being discrete or sneaky. Please see the Thurston Student Handbook for cell phone policy details and procedures.

MP3’s & Such—Students are not permitted to have electronic devices (aside from calculators) in class. There may be times where the teacher may allow the students to quietly listen to music at the end of a Test of when they are appropriately working on a project. However, the teacher must clearly state that the students may use the device. Any such devices used inappropriately will be confiscated by the teacher. Please see the Thurston Student Handbook for details and procedures.

Food & Beverages--- Because this is a science classroom where chemicals are used, with adjacent chemical labs, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that students do not eat within the classroom. Students may be allowed to drink only water during class, and should not cause any sort of distraction or disruption.

I Am NOT Office Max--- As stated earlier it will be important for students to bring the necessary materials with them to class, every single day. Spare pencils, markers, paper, Kleenex, etc. will not be supplied for the students. If students know that they need something (Kleenex, hand sanitizer, lotion) it will be important for them to pack this themselves. J

After School (2:45-3:30 M, W, Th)
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Human Anat. & Phys. Syllabus Contract

Fall 2009: Marking Period 1

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