Nationwide Connectivity Resources


In response to MSUís transition to remote learning and working, Iíve pulled together the following resources to facilitate with off-campus connectivity. What follows is not an endorsementóI have not had a chance to double-click on any of these offers. If you have more up to date information or would like to contribute to this list, please email me via this link.



Free essential internet for two-months and no data caps (60 days) LINK


T-Mobile & Sprint

Unlimited smartphone data to existing customers (60 days), 20GB/month wi-fi hotspot for smartphone customers (60 days), free international calls to Level 3 impacted countries. LINK (T-Mobile scroll to bottom) | LINK (Sprint)



Free hotspot access to anyone, $10 home unlimited internet for qualifying households, no late fees and no disconnects LINK



No late fees LINK



No late fees, no disconnects, and no data caps (60 days) LINK


Thank you,

Richard Saouma

Eli Broad College of Business

Michigan State University