The Story of Princess Zelda


Princess Zelda comes from a royal family in Hyrule, the land which is the major setting for her stories. Zelda is superior to the typical "damsel in distress" role, but nevertheless finds herself kidnapped time and again by the evil Ganon. It is the duty of the growing boy and hero Link to rescue her, as he battles enemies and conquers dungeons along the way. There is a somewhat implied love interest between Link and Zelda, and Link always manages to rescue the princess through his courage and passion.

Index of Video Games

The Evolution of Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda .............. The Adventure of Link

Link to the Past ......... Ocarina of Time ........... Oracle Series

Wind Waker ............ Twilight Princess

Songs Inspired by Princess Zelda

Legend of Zelda - by System of a Down

Link, he's come to town,
Come to save the Princess Zelda.
Ganon took her away
Now the children don't play,
But they will,
When Link saves the day!

Now Link, fill up your hearts,
So you can shoot your sword with power,
And when you're feeling all down,
A fairie will come around,
So you'll be brave,
And not a sissy coward.

Now, Link has saved the day,
Put Ganon in his grave,
So now Zelda is free and now a hero shall be,
Link, I think your name shall
go down into history.