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Kim T. Scribner

Office Location: 2E Natural Resources Building
Phone: 517-353-3288
Lab Phone: 517-432-4935

Research Emphasis

I am an evolutionary ecologist with broad interests in population genetics and vertebrate life history, demography and behavior. Research in my lab involves novel application of molecular genetic markers and evolutionary theory to examine important questions in ecological genetics and conservation biology including: levels of gene flow through heterogeneous aquatic and terrestrial landscapes, the evolution of life history traits as adaptations to thermal spawning environments, how environmental heterogeneity and mating systems affect inter-individual variance in reproductive success and genealogical relationships within populations, intra-specific and comparative phylogeography, and development of non-invasive DNA collection methods to estimate population abundance and spatial genetic structure. Graduate student research emphasizes both field and laboratory work and inter-disciplinary training in population and behavioral ecology, population genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. Emphasis is placed on managed or exploited populations and in the area of conservation biology.

MSU Programs

My faculty appointment at MSU is in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife .  I am co-appointed in the Department of Zoology.

I am also active in several inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental graduate programs at MSU including the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Program (EEBB) and the Genetic Program.

I am one of several faculty in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife who holds a cooperative appointment through the Partnership for Ecosystem Research and Management (PERM) program with regional Fisheries and Wildlife agencies. My appointment is affiliated with the Fisheries Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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