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Molecular Ecology Lab

Welcome to Dr. Kim Scribner's lab at Michigan State University!
Work in our lab focuses on using a variety of molecular genetic markers to examine individual and population level questions dealing with behavioral ecology theory, population genetics, molecular biology, evelution, and conservation biology. Research involves development and application of novel molecular genetic markers and methods of analysis for the study of vertebrates.

Left to right: Erica Adams, Dani Blumstein, Rob Hunter, Kim Scribner, Abby Thiemke, Zach Fyke , Jeannette Kanefsky, Justin Waraniak, Lydia Wassink, and Jonathan Hegna

Contact us:

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
480 Wilson Road
27 Natural Resources Buildling
East Lansing, Michigan

Phone: 517-432-4935
Fax: 517-432-1699
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