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Prospective Graduate Students and Postdocs

I routinely accept one or more new students each year who have the desire and aptitude for basic or applied research in allied disciplines covered in my lab.

Prospective students and postdocs interested in making application are strongly encouraged to contact me directly. Send an e-mail of inquiry including a statement of research interests and past experience. Reference to some of the activities ongoing in the lab that particularly interests you would also help me determine compatibility. Information regarding GRE scores and a general summary of courses completed would also be informative, as would copies or citations of publications you have participated in.

I am jointly appointed in the Departments of Fisheries & Wildlife and in Zoology. I am able to accept students into either programs. The application deadline for Fisheries and Wildlife is flexible. However, the deadline for applications to the Department of Zoology is around December 1 if students wish to be considered for College and University recruiting fellowships. The deadline for all application materials for general admission is typically early January. Students wishing to make application to either program should contact me prior to submission of application materials. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to review departmental application requirements on the respective departmental web sites.

Employment Opportunities for Undergraduates

I typically employ one or two undergraduates in the laboratory during the fall and spring semesters to assist technical staff and graduate students conducting DNA-based genotyping and sequencing for ongoing projects.

During the spring and summer (April through August) I typically employ up to 4 additional hourly workers in the field at our Black Lake long-term research site near Cheboygan, Michigan to assist students and staff with field and laboratory experiments with adult and juvenile lake sturgeon.


updated August 2007

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