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Selected examples of current and past research projects

Source: National Science Foundation
Title: Mediation of rank-related maternal effects on males throughout the lifespan
PIĘs: Holekamp, Scribner, Lundrigan
Duration: 2011-2014
Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Title: Facilitating urban-suburban deer management in Michigan: social, spatial, and population considerations
PIĘs: Riley, Porter, Scribner, Quinn
Duration: 2011-2014
Source: B.C. Hydro
Title: Genetic investigations for white sturgeon in the lower Columbia River
PIĘs: Scribner
Duration: 2011-2013
Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Title: Black bear source-sink dynamics in MichiganĘs lower peninsula
PIĘs: Scribner, Etter, Winterstein
Duration: 2010-2013
Source: Great Lakes Fishery Trust
Title: Simultaneous analysis of genetic and length-at-age data to estimate stock contribution for mixed-stock and strain in open-water fisheries in the Great lakes
PIĘs: Brenden, Scribner, and Bence
Duration: 2009-2012
Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Title: Development of science-based resources to facilitate implementation of MichiganĘs lake sturgeon restoration plan.
PI: Scribner, Baker.
Duration: 2013-2015.
Source: Kellogg Biological Station, USDA, NIH
Title: Landscape-dependent wildlife use of environments in managed agroecosystems predicts spatial and temporal prevalence and persistence of multiple enteric pathogens in livestock
PI: Scribner, Maurer, Manning, Moore, Funk, Walker, Utsumi
Duration: 2012-2014
Source: Canadian Wildlife Service
Title: Phylogeography of common eiders in across the northern Canadian archipelago
PI: Scribner
Duration: 2013-2014
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