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Students and Colleagues

PhD Students:

Shairah Abdul Razak Lydia Wassink Jonathan Hegna

Master's Students:

Robert Hunter Justin Waraniak  


Jeannette Kanefsky (Lab Research Coordinator) Doug Larson (Field Research Coordinator)

Post Docs:

Nick Sard  


Dani Blumstein Abby Thiemkey Rebbeca Simons
Erica Adams  

Former students and postdocs

Meredith Bartron (PhD Student) – Fisheries Geneticist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Nathan Barton (Technician) - Fishies Biologist, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa Indians
John Bauman (MS Student) - Fisheries Biologist, Michigan Dept. Natural Resources
Julie Blanchong (PhD Student) – Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
Kristi Bennett (Technician)-Registered Nurse, Sparrow Health System
Kristin Bott (MS Student)- PhD student, Michigan State University 
Mara Bryan (PhD Student) – Post doctoral researcher, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
James Crossman (PhD Student)-Senior Environmental Coordinator, BC Hydro
Hope Draheim (PhD Student) - Forensic Geneticist, UFWSF Ashland Wildlife Forensics Lab
Kari Dammerman (PhD Student) - Fish Biologist, USFWS
Pat DeHaan (MS Student) – Fisheries Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 
Lisette Delgado (MS Student) - PhD student, Dalhousie Univeristy
Brian Dreher (MS Student) – Wildlife Biologist, Colorado Division of Wildlife 
Patrick Forsythe (PhD Student)- Fisheries Research Biologist, Ball State University Laura Garzel (Technician)- DVM Candidate, Michigan State University
Stacy Gilmore (MS Student) – Water Resource Specialist, Oneida Tribe, WI
Bruno Guinand (Post Doc) – Faculty at Universite` Montpellier, France 
Paige Howell (MS Student) - PhD student, University of Georgia
Katy Jay (MS Student) - Fisheries Biologist, B.C. Hydro
Scot Libants (Technician)-PhD student, Michingan State University
Veronica Lopez (MS Student) – GIS Technician, New Mexico State University
Laura McKinnon (MS Student)- PhD student University of Rimouski
Rob Ollendorf (PhD Student) – Post doctoral researcher, University of Illinois
Kevin Page (MS Student) – Research biologist, Ohio Dept. Nat. Res.
Rainy Shorey (PhD Student)- Environmental Management Division, Caterpillar, Inc.
Lauren Stanchek (MS Student) – Forensic Scientist, Michigan State Police Crime Lab
Russ VanHorn (PhD Student) – Port doctoral researcher, Duke University
Byron Weckworth (Technician)-PhD student, University of California, Irvin
Bronwyn Williams (MS Student)-PhD student, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada 
Jennifer White (MS Student)-PhD student , Department of Biology, University of Washington
Hao Yu (Post Doc)-Post Doc, Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Moore (Post Doc) û Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University 
Yen Duong (PhD Student)  Assistant Professor, Cantho University, Vietnam

Other faculty and colleagues at MSU and elsewhere with whom I collaborate

Kay Holekamp (MSU, Integrative Biology)
Barbara Lundrigan (MSU, Integrative)
Bill Punch (MSU, Computer Science)
Scott Winterstein (MSU, Fisheries and Wildlife)
Mohamed Faisal (MSU, Fisheries and Wildlife)
Ron Chesser (Texas Tech University)
Justin Congdon (University of Georgia)
Sandy Talbot (USGS/BRD, Alaska Science Center)
Grant Gilchrist (CWS, Canada)
Wendy Stott (USGS/BRD, Great Lakes Science Center)
Ed Baker (Michigan Dept. Nat. Res.)
Michael Samuel (USGS Wildlife Health Lab)
Pat Zollner (Purdue University)
Casey Huckins (Michigan Tech University) 
Nancy Auer (Michigan Tech University) 
Darin Simpkin (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) 
Robert Elliott (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) 
Michael Donofrio (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) 
Jim Bence (MSU, Fisheries and Wildlife) 
Travis Brenden (MSU, Fisheries and Wildlife) 
Julie Blanchong (Iowa State University) 
Jennifer Moore (Grand Valley State University) 
Ken Frank (MSU, Fisheries and Wildlife) 
Shannon Manning (MSU, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics) 
Brian Maurer (MSU, Fisheries and Wildlife) 
Julie Funk (MSU, College of Veterinary Medicine)
Santiago Utsumi (MSU, Animal Science)
Terry Marsh (MSU, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
Frances Trail (MSU, Plant Biology)
Ed Roseman (USGS, Great Lakes Science Center)
Dan Mays (Little River Band, Ottawa Indians)
Corey Jerome (Little River Band Ottawa Indians)
Marty Holtgren (Michigan DNR)
Jan Hessenauer (Michigan DNR)
Eric Benbow (MSU, Entomology)

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