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Biographical Sketch  

Shengpan Lin, PhD, Assistant Professor

Social Science Data Analytics (SSDA) Initiative, Michigan State University

Professional Preparation 

  • Michigan State University, U.S.; Majors: Integrative Biology, Environmental Science & Policy, Ph.D. 2017
  • Zhejiang University, China; Major: Agricultural Remote Sensing and Geo-information, Ph.D. 2012
  • Nanjing Agricultural University, China; Major: Aquaculture, M.Sc. 2008 
  • Jimei University, China; Major: Freshwater Aquaculture, B.Sc. 2002 


  • Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, 2017 - present
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan State University, 2017
  • Research Assistant, Michigan State University, 2013 – 2017
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan State University, 2012
  • Lecturer, Jiangnan College of TV & Movie, China, 2007
  • Market Analyst, Zunxin Jiacheng Human Resource Consultant, China, 2005
  • Floor Manager, Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd., China, 2003-2004 
  • Sale Representative, Chia Tai Co., Ltd., China, 2002-2003

Interesting Journal Publications (6 out of 27, including 6 in preparation/review):

  • Lin, S.: What drives extensive media coverage of algae blooms? In preparation.
  • Lin, S. et al.: Effects of sediments and coloured dissolved organic matter on remote sensing of chlorophyll-a using Landsat TM/ETM+ over turbid waters. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2017.
  • Lin, S. et al.: Algal biomass responses to climate change in lakes across the continental United States. In preparation.
  • Lin, S. et al.: An agent-based model to simulate tsetse fly distribution and control techniques: A case study in Nguruman, Kenya. Ecological Modelling 2015.
  • Lin, S. et al.: Evaluating DEM source and resolution uncertainties in the Soil and Water Assessment Tool. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 2012.
  • Lin, S. et al.: Design and deployment of a GIS for fisheries genetic resources. Agricultural Network and Information 2007 (in Chinese).

 Google Scholar profile or Research Gate profile has a full list of publications.


  • Junjun Zhi, Changwei Jing, Shengpan Lin, Jiaping Wu: Semi-automatic digital method of non-standard map. Ref. No: CN 102800052 B, 12/2014

Book Chapter

  • Messina, J., Adhikari, U., Carroll, J., Chikowo, R., DeVisser, M., Dodge, L., Fan, P., Langley, S., Lin, S., Me-nsope, N., Moore, N., Murray, S., Nawyn, S., Nejadhashemi, A. Olson, J., Smith, A., Snapp, S. 2014. Population Growth, Climate Change and Pressure on the Land – Eastern and Southern Africa. 99 pp. ISBN 978-0- 9903005-0-2


  • Data analysis and statistics (e.g. machine-learning algorithms)
  • Modelling (e.g. agent-based models, process-based and watershed models)
  • Coding (e.g. Python, R, Java, and C/C++/C# )
  • Image processing (e.g. Google Earth Engine)
  • Spatial analysis (e.g. ArcGIS, and GDAL).


  • The Most Popular Young Scientist in MSU Department of Integrative Biology
  • The first place of 5-min speakers at the MSU Environmental Science and Policy Program’s Symposium
  • MSU Kellogg Biostation T. Wayne and Kathryn Porter Fellowship
  • The Best Smile Manager at Rainbow Department Store
  • Jimei University Excellent Student Scholarships