What is rescue anyway? Where do all these surplus rottweilers come from? Why is the problem so out of control? When will it end, or will it? How can we make a difference? Good questions, aren't they. Breed rescue should never exist. In a perfect world, those responsible for producing that wonderful litter of puppies only do so for all the right reasons. They cherish and feel ultimately responsible for each innocent life they have brought into this world. They make a commitment to provide for them in some way or another til death do them part. They carefully and thoughtfully screen prospective puppy homes. If those homes do not work out they guarantee they will take that puppy back and nurturingly care for it all of its days. They were and are responsible for its birth, right?

How about in an imperfect world. Where puppies are indiscriminately bred for one reason and one reason only. The greenback dollar. No one cares where they go, no one cares what happens to them after they get there and no one wants them back. Enter rescue - the people who care. The people who anguish over the fate of every rottweiler for they love them all. Those they have met. Those they have yet to meet. Those they will never meet whose lives ended tragically because hope and help didn't reach them in time. But what can rescue realistically do with and for all these dogs. Ask any rescue in any given area - geography is of no relevance here - they get 4-12 calls daily for dogs that need help. The calls from qualified potential adopters are far and few between. What happens to all the surplus dogs?

We're about to show you. The following pictures are graphic portrayals of one day in rescue. If you find these pictures as compellingly disturbing as we do, then please join with us in vowing to put an end to this travesty. Pledge to join with us in laying to rest forever this nightmare that has befallen our beloved breed. Our goal is simple - let no rottweiler be born until we can ensure that their life will be precious and that they will no longer be exploited because they are so plentiful.

Please help.... SPAY and NEUTER your rottweilers.... Thank you....

We have established a spay and neuter fund dedicated to subsidizing low-cost or no-cost spays and neuters for rottweilers whose owners cannot afford this surgery. If you would like to participate in this much needed effort,

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