We would like to help you place your rottweiler in the best home possible.

But first we hope there is some way we can encourage you to reconsider keeping your pet. Rottweilers bond more closely and completely than any other breed of dog. Your dog would much rather spend the rest of their life with you - their family - no matter what the situation is {less time, smaller living area} - then they would with anyone else. Uprooting them is very hard on them because they don't understand why. And good homes are hard to come by because of over-breeding. That's why, as rescuers, we try very hard to keep good dogs in good homes

We realize that life can present unforeseen challenges, however, and if placing your dog is the only option, we want to assist by featuring them on our 'Referral Section' and sending prescreened applicants directly to you for final adoption.

We would also like to make you aware that it is usually not a good idea to place an ad in the newspaper or post notices on bulletin boards. That attracts all the wrong sorts {dog fighters, drug dealers, backyard breeders} who seek to exploit your pet because it is a rottweiler. Even worse there are Class B Dealers who answer these ads portraying themselves as 'families'. They bring their wives and children to adopt these animals. They in turn sell them to industry for product testing, to the US Department of Defense for biological and chemical warfare testing and to labs for medical experiments - its big business.

If you're thinking of rehoming your rott because of behavioral concerns, we have good news for you! Almost all behavioral problems are fixable. Please get a copy of 'Culture Clash' and 'Dogs are from Neptune' by Jean Donaldson which you can order from Dogwise. Her straightforward approach to dog behavior and training will give you some wonderful insights into your dog's behavior and how to retrain them to be the dog of your dreams!

If you'd like expert advice on helping rottweilers interact beautifully with children (expecting a new baby?) please get a copy of 'Childproofing Your Dog' by Brian Kilcommons available from Dogwise. Always remember that rottweilers were born to nurture and care for 'their flock'. While we fervently hope it will never be necessary, should the need arise please know your faithful rottweiler will lay down his life if need be in the defense of your children. That's a lot of peace of mind for any parent. If health or aggression problems are such that you truly cannot keep the dog, then they need to be humanely put to sleep. There are really no other options for them. No one, other than drug dealers or dog fighting rings, or the Class B research dealers would want a dog that has health or temperament issues. If they are placed into a new home and misbehave, whomever they're with, who will NOT have the backdrop of love and devotion for them that you do, will hurt them. At best they would wind up in a shelter where the chances of going to medical experimentation or product testing are very great. At worst they would be kicked, beaten and perhaps shot. Sadly, those are the fates of many, many rottweilers.

When we can no longer guarantee our pets, our best friends, a decent life, then we MUST guarantee them a decent death. Free from worry, fear or harm. Their fate is in your hands. You have the power to make a humane and loving decision. Please choose wisely.

Please email for a rehome form.