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In addition to the dogs we have available for adoption, we are happy to provide a referral service for people who, for one reason or another, are forced to give up their pets. Since these dogs are not with us we have not personally provided their veterinary care but can share with you the information we have been given by their current owners.

If you're interested in utilizing our referral service we'd be pleased to put your dog's picture and story on our site to help them get the best home possible. Please email for a rehome form


Gunner is a magnificent 5 year old who is looking for a new family as his mom just had a baby August 5 and is concerned she doesn't have enough time to give Gunner the attention he deserves. His owner tells us:

I just had a new baby. We have another dog who is aggressive toward Gunner, so we have to keep them separated at all times.  So dividing the dogs from each other, and now from a new baby is beginning to appear unrealistic and not fair to anyone, dogs mostly.  Gunner listens to commands in both english and german!  He has been through obedience classes, 3 in total, and follows commands spot on!  He is an enthusiastic dog who needs a fenced in yard so he can safely run and play.  I used to run with him on a daily basis, and he is a great running partner! He absolutely will do anything for bread, and this is how we play fetch.  He will retrieve on command every time, but moves quicker for bread! He's a great dog!  He has been by my side through a military deployment of a spouse, and a rough divorce and has let me cry on his shoulder.  I can't even begin to explain how faithful and loving he is. He talks a lot, especially when you cuddle and scratch the right place. He's very big, but seems to act and think he is the size of a poodleŠ. he will crawl or try to crawl on your lap. 
Gunner gets along with dogs, both males and females, is immaculately housebroken and nondestructive. He will make some lucky family their best friend for life.

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