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Welcome to the Soil Biophysics Lab website.  An enthusiastic and dedicated group of “Scientists in Progress” are pushing back the frontiers of science every moment they occupy the SBL.  Groups of students from other disciplines, technicians, visiting scientists, and occasionally a colleague occupy our labs.  We enjoy the camaraderie with scientists ranging from the NSF High School Honors programs to scientists who join us from many countries.

Research and teaching are grand opportunities for exploring the absolutely complex, intricate, and ever changing unknowns of God’s fantastic creation. If this is your first time to visit, we encourage you to further explore the many activities throughout this website, including the several linkages.

Research projects underway:

1. Terrestrial sequestration of carbon (C)

2. Plant C contributions to the formation and function of soil aggregation processes

3. Demographics of plant root systems

4. Nutrient flux in soil profiles and soil aggregates


Analytical opportunities:

1. Terrestrial C Analyses Laboratories – total C and N, ratios of 12C/13C and 14N/15N

2. Root image processing rootimage.css.msu.edu


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