About Us

The Somali Association of Michigan (SAM) is a student-led volunteer organization dedicated to helping all Somali students and families in the greater Lansing and East Lansing area through free basic social service including youth and educational programs to improve the social conditions for the Somali people. We are not a typical student organization that limit to themselves to only students, rather we are determined to make a comprehensive difference in our communities.

Our goal is to become a grassroots social and educational organization. We are registered as a non-profit organization with the State of Michigan, and with Michigan State University as a registered student organization (RSO). SAM is taking the initiative to unite and develop an atmosphere and environment in which cultural inclusiveness is maintained. One of our goals is to create intellectually informed context about Somalia, its culture and its people in the university level and its surroundings.

The organization s mission is to provide free social services including educational programs, documentation services, youth programs, and interpretation/translation services for the Somali students and its community. In addition, we want to improve the relationship between the Somali community and the wider society by addressing the cultural gap facing Somali youth and their families. Through our programs, we seek to facilitate greater community awareness of the Somali people, and hope to improve the conditions of the Somali youth, parents, and other community members in order to participate fully in the society.