Sex and Realtionship Columns

R29: The Bed Post.

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Who: Hayley MacMillen. Currently the Digital Wellness Editor at Allure Magazine and previously the Sex and Relationship Editor at Refinery29

What: The Bed Post. A series of sex stories, questions, and sexual freedom. Or as Hayley put it "The Bed Post is a series that explores what holds us back from sex and love with whom we want, when we want, where we want, and how we want — because we all deserve sex and love lives that are not only free of evils, but full of what is good.

When: A more or less weekly column that ran all of 2016 until Hayley moved to new company.

Where: Refinery29's website. Obviously.

Why: Hayley used this help promote sex positivity, answer questions, and probably just to vent sometimes too. A lot of the posts are inspired by her personal life and news stories.

In several of her post Hayley takes the time to refer to actual news articles,
quotes from sex therapists, and several other sex columnists.

Here are a few examples:

Reminder: Your Vagina Is Not A Ziploc Bag. In this article Hayley refered to a conversation with Sex Therapist Vanessa Marin, an article from Women's Health Magazine

Are You Falling Into This Relationship Trap? discusses how millennials are expecting more out of relationships than people did in the past. She references a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and even points readers to a another relationship column that backs up her reporting

The Problem With "Feminist Porn". This Article is a tad different than the others because she starts out by linking to considerable reseach from Psychology Today rather than starting with a bunch of person story on how she got to this topic. In fact, this article offers the most sources to back up what she is talking about. Offering resources from Glamour, Bustle, The Huffington Post, Kelly Shibari (A CEO of PR for adult entertainment) and SNEAKY.

On Dating While Dealing With A Disorder. This was the most comprehensive piece that I read by Hayley. She interview several people including Eva Rincos - another writer at the time of these posts, Simi Botic - Health coach, and the previously mentioned Vanessa Marin, Sex Therapist. Although there is no linking out to specific research, it's almost as if she conducted her own research by providing the information from professionals.

Birth Control Myths Are Hurting Teens. In this article, Hayley writes about Maureen Oduor a sexual health educator and why she became a sexual health educator. In the article they link to a Guttmacher Institute Report, and several other reports.

In conclusion?

Well, I believe that columns like this are extremely important to younger people. As a young girl trying to navigate my body and figure out what is going on the website Girls Life was my go to. Every day I logged on to learn about what was happening. We live in a very digital society. Almost 90% of Gen Z, the current group that needs this education, is well versed in and using the internet daily. They grew up on it, so it makes sense. Keeping things like this alive and going is crucial to them being informed.