1. Education:

2009-Present:       Research Associate                                           Michigan State University
2004-2009:           Research Assistant                                            Michigan State University
2002-2004:           Undergraduate Research Fellow                           Idaho National Laboratory
1998-2002:           B. S. Biological Systems Engineering,                 University of Idaho
2. Publications:

1.    Stedtfeld, R.D., Tourlousse, D.M., Seyrig, G., Stedtfeld, T.M., Kronlein, M., Price, S., Ahmad, F., Erdogan, G., Tiedje, J.M., Hashsham, S.A. Gene-Z: A Device for Point of Care Genetic Testing using a Smartphone. Lab on a Chip, Feb 2012 Accepted Manuscript. DOI: 10.1039/C2LC21226A.       

2.    Looft,T., Johnson, T.A., Allen, H.K., Bayles, D.O., Alt, D.P., Stedtfeld, R.D., Sul, W.J., Stedtfeld, T.M.,Chai, B., Cole, J.R., Hashshamb, S.A., Tiedje, J.M., Stanton, T.B.  In-feed antibiotic effects on the swine intestinal microbiome. PNAS Jan 2012 Accepted Manuscript. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1120238109.

3.    Ahmad, F., Seyrig, G., Tourlousse, D.M., Stedtfeld, R.D., Tiedje, J.M., Hashsham, S.A.  A CCD-based fluorescence imaging system for real-time loop-mediated isothermal amplification-based rapid and sensitive detection of waterborne pathogens on microchips.  Biomed Microdevices. 2011 Oct;13(5):929-37.

4.     Stedtfeld, R.D., Baushke, S.W., Miller, S.M., Tourlousse, D.M., Stedtfeld, T.M., Gulari, E., Tiedje, J.M. Hashsham, S.A.,
    Development and experimental validation of a predictive threshold cycle (Ct) equation for quantification of virulence and marker genes. 2008. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Vol. 74(12): 3831-3838.

5.    Pozhitkov, A.E., Rule, R.A., Stedtfeld, R.D., Hashsham, S.A., Noble P.A.  Concentration dependency of nonequilibrium thermal dissociation curves in complex target samples. 2008.  Journal of Microbiological Methods. 74(2-3): 82-8.

6.    Stedtfeld, R.D., Wick, L., Baushke, S.M., Tourlousse, D.M. Herzog, Xia, Y., Klappenbach J., Rouillard, J.-M., Cole J., Gulari, E. Tiedje, J. Hashsham, S.A., 2007. Influence of dangling end and surface proximal tail of targets on probe- target duplex formation in 16S rRNA gene-based diagnostic arrays. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 73(2): 380-389.

7.    Stedtfeld, R.D. Tourlousse, D.M., Baushke, S.W., Chai, B., Cole, J.R., and Hashsham, S.A., 2007. Multiplex Approach for Screening Genetic Markers of Microbial Indicators. Water Environment Research. 79(3): 260-269.

8.    Tourlousse, D.M., Stedtfeld, R.D,  Baushke, S.W.,  Wick, L.M., and Hashsham. S.A., 2007. Virulence Factor Activity Relationships (VFAR): Challenges and Development Approaches. Water Environment Research. 79(3): 246-259.

9.    Pozhitkov, A.E., Stedtfeld, R.D., Hashsham, S.A., and Noble. P.A. 2007. Revision of the Nonequilibrium Dissociation Approach For Identifying Mixed Microbial Communities Using Oligonucleotide DNA Arrays. Nucleic Acid Research. 35(9): e70.

10.    Stedtfeld, R.D., Tourlousse, D.M., Seyrig, G., Alm, E.W., and Hashsham, S.A. 2007. Detection and occurrence of indicator organisms and pathogens. Water Environment Research. 24: 1085-1108.

11.    Miller, S.M., Tourlousse, D.M., Stedtfeld, R.D., Baushke, S.W., Herzog, A.B., Wick, L.M., Rouillard, J.M., Gulari, E., Tiedje, J.M. and Hashsham, S.A. 2008.  An In Situ Synthesized Virulence and Marker Genes (VMG) Biochip for Detection of Waterborne Pathogens. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 74: 2200-2209.

12.    Stedtfeld, R.D. Duran, M., Alm, E.W., and Hashsham, S.A. 2006. Detection and occurrence of indicator organisms and pathogens. Water Environment Research. 78(10) 1054-1077: 2006.

13.     Stoner, D. L., S. M. Watson, R. D. Stedtfeld, P. Meakin, L. M. Pegram, T. L. Tyler, L. K. Griffel, J. M. Barnes, and V. A. Deason. 2005. Application of stereolithographic custom models for studying the impact of biofilms and mineral precipitation on fluid flow. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 71(12):8721-8.

14.    Stedtfeld, R. D., G. E. McCreery, A. T. Stadler, D. L. Stoner and P. Meakin. 2005.  “Application of a geocentrifuge and sterolithographically fabricated apertures to multiphase flow in complex fracture apertures,.” International Journal of Physical Modeling in Geotechnics Vol. 5, No. 3.

15.    Duran M., Alm, E.W., Stedtfeld, R.D., Haznedaroglu, B., and Hashsham, S.A.. 2005. Detection and occurrence of indicator organisms and pathogens. Water Environment Research. 77: 659-717: 2005.

16.    Hashsham, S.A., Alm, E.W., Stedtfeld, R.D., Traver, R.G., and M. Duran. Detection and occurrence of indicator organisms and pathogens. Water Environment Research. Vol. 75, No. 6. 2004.

17.    Stoner, D.L., Stedtfeld, R. D., Tyler, T. L., White, F.J., McJunkin, Timothy R., and LaViolette, Randall A.  2003.  Impact of microorganisms on unsaturated flow at fracture intersections. Geophysical Research Letter, Vol. 30, No. 18, p 1960.

3. Letter of Disclosure/Patent Applications:

The following two provisional patents have been filed by MSU based on letters of disclosure related to the same. Both these patents are critical for commercialization of the DNA biochip that our chip group has developed.

1.  PPA MSU-10877 for MSU 07006: Electroluminescent-Based Fluorescence Detection Device. 2006.    

2.   PA MSU-10878 for MSU 06018/06020: Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Waterborne Pathogens High Throughput Screening Using Microarrays. 2006.

4. Fellowship, Internship, Awards, Achievements:

    Awarded First place in the 2008 Fitch Beach Outstanding Graduate Research Competition (Selected by College of Engineering, award based on CV and technical presentation).
    Awarded the Rory M. Shaw Memorial Fellowship (Spring 2007).  This award recognizes outstanding research contributions towards a PhD dissertation.
    2006 Outstanding Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Award at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. Feb. 2006.
    Awarded 2004 Michigan Section AWWA Fellowship for Water Quality and Treatment Study.
    Year-long Internship Recipient with the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory run by the Department of Energy.  Administered by the Inland Northwest Research Alliance and Washington State University. 2003.
    Passed the Idaho Fundamental Engineering Exam to become an engineering-intern. Nov. 2002.
    Best student technical paper for “Methanol Degradation with Biofilteration.”  Pacific Northwest-ASAE conference, Twin Falls, Idaho.  Fall 2002.
    First place in one hour engineering design competition at Pacific Northwest-ASAE conference, Twin Falls, Idaho.  Fall 2002.
    Academic summer fellowship recipient with the Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory run by the     Department of Energy, Idaho Falls. Summer 2002.
    Best technical presentation for “Methanol Degradation with Biofiltration.”  University of Idaho Engineering Expo, Moscow, Idaho.  Spring 2002.

Robert Stedtfeld, Ph.D.
PostDoctoral Research Associate
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

                                                       Email:    stedtfel@msu.edu
                                            Office:    A18 Engineering Research Complex
                                                         Mobile:   (208) 521-6855