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SNP chip
Linear mixed models for analysis of qPCR data.

A SAS Macro to implement linear mixed model for quantitative RT-PCR data.

Platforms: Windows.

Requirements: SAS.
Download and Run
%QPCR_MIXED is implemented in SAS.
1) Install the SAS system.
2) Open %QPCR_MIXED in SAS editor and and run it.
3) Download examplar data file (optional) or upload your own data into SAS.
4) Open and follow examples file to run the macro (optional, requires examplar data file).
User guide in adobe acrobat format. It includes examples of use and input file format.
Steibel JP, Poletto R, Coussens PM and Rosa GJM 2009. A powerful and flexible linear mixed model framework for the analysis of relative quantification RT-PCR data.  Genomics. Genomics 94: 146-152, 2009.
To-do list
Currently under developement:
Multiple control genes
Residual analysis to detect technical errors and outliers.
Future releases:
Simpler models for completely balanced data (collapsing technical replications)
Port to other languages (R)
Create visual interface
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