FIRM web page  (link: a variety of useful informational fact sheets,  tools and helpful links to additional Farm Estate and Transition Planning information.

Planning for your… Peace of Mind” - A Guide to Medical and Legal Decisions  - This publication contains a Statutory WILL and other  documents that are fill in the blank examples  - developed & published by  State of Michigan  -  (pdf)

Estate Transfer Summary   revised by D. Stein on 1/ 2013 - (pdf)


Checklist for Farm Transfer Plan - (word doc)
Transition Planning: 12 Steps to keep the Family Farming   excellent publication developed by Kansas State University, Department of Agricultural Economics  MF3074

Simple Inventory worksheet- (pdf)
LLC vs other Business Types - (word doc)
Business Plan outline- (word doc)                             Full Business Plan    (word document format for you to fill in)
Mission, Vision, Values & Goals,  fantastic overview of this part of a transition planning process, you will find several forms - worksheets to assist you with this topic.  David Gruenmeyer, Sr.Extension Associate, PRO-DAIRY

Tactical Plan worksheet- (word doc)
Farm Finance Scorecard - (pdf)    University of Vermont & Center for Farm Financial Management
Montana State University  - Gifting Property - (pdf)
Montana State University  - Life Estate- (pdf)
Montana State University  - Living Trust - (pdf)
Montana State University  - Using a Bypass Trust - (pdf)
University of Missouri - Intergeneration Transfer Taxation - (pdf)

Transition Plan- workbook;  Transferring Your Farm to the Next Generation,  University of Montana -  EB0149    excellent guide to doing a transition plan

Montana State University  - variety of  resource publications - (pdf)

Minnesota Farm Transfer Series-  a variety of resource information sheets available (pdf)