Fraction Multiplication and Division using Virtual Measurement Models

Session Goals: Explore applets to support conceptual understanding of fraction multiplication using length models. Discuss how these applets can be used with students. (Please bring a web-capable device.)
Note: The applets we use in this session are our attempts to support our own thinking about fraction & length connections and how technology can support dynamic aspects of fractions and operations as lengths and actions on those lengths..

Session Take-aways: There are connections - and disconnects - between visualizations of fractions using length models: across discrete and continuous unit representation and across the actions of multiplication and division.

Task 1: Compare the actions of multiplication and division.

Model of Multiplication (Continuous) Model of Multiplication (Discrete)
Model of Division (Continuous) Model of Division (Discrete)


Task 2: Consider the action in the situation here: Continuous Fractions and Lengths Model, and think about how different operations could be represented. Consider the representation of the quantity and how you might link it to the number.

Resources: Download the slides for this session and our Monday hands-on session here.