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Contact Information

(517)-255-0271 ext.1177 (Office).

(517)-230-2929 (Cell).

ext. 1104 (Secretary).

(517)-353-5174 (Fax).


Editorial & Advisory Board Membership of Refereed Journals

Editorial Board Member International Agronomy Journal

Advisory Board Member. The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)'s Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals and Energy. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Biofpr)

Editorial Board member, International Journal of Agronomy: of Plant Genetics & Transgenics (PGT) and/or AgroCrops Sciences (ACS). Also,

New Editorial Board member, J. Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology. OMICS Publishing Group

Present Council & Liaison Roles at Michigan State University

Faculty Council

Athletic Council

Executive Committee for Academic Council

Faculty Liaison to the Board of Trustees


Miscellaneous Articles:


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