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Contact Information

(517)-255-0271 ext.1177 (Office).

(517)-230-2929 (Cell).

ext. 1104 (Secretary).

(517)-353-5174 (Fax).


Editorial & Advisory Board Membership of Refereed Journals

Editorial Board Member International Agronomy Journal

Advisory Board Member. The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)'s Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals and Energy. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Biofpr)

Editorial Board member, International Journal of Agronomy: of Plant Genetics & Transgenics (PGT) and/or AgroCrops Sciences (ACS). Also,

New Editorial Board member, J. Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology. OMICS Publishing Group

Present Council & Liaison Roles at Michigan State University

Faculty Council

Athletic Council

Executive Committee for Academic Council

Faculty Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Superivised Students:


List of Sticklen’s trainees and their present job situation

Name & Lab Position.

A. Graduate Students:

1. Mr. Sang-H Park - Present PhD student.

2. Mr. Kingdom Kwapata - Present PhD student.

3. Mr. Thang Xuan Nguyen - Present PhD student.

4. Dr. Callista Ransom - Assitant Professor at Michigan State University.

5. Dr. Hesham Oraby - Scientist at Biofuel Network, Canada.

6. Dr. Anwaar Ahmad, Ph. D. Student - Senior Scientist in Philladelphia.

7. Dr. Chien-An Liu, Ph.D. Student - Senior Scientist, AVRDC in Taiwan.

8. Dr. Reynaldo Ebora, Ph.D. Student - Deputy Director, Biotech. Instit, Univ. Philippines.

9. Ms. Barbara Peterson, Ph.D.

10. Mrs. Zakkir Ullah, M.S.

11. Dr. BenliChai, Ph.D. - Scientist at Mouse Genome Lab, Bar Harbor.

12. Dr. Donald Warkentin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of Riverside, CA.

13. Mr. Terry Gillespie M.S.

14. Dr. Larry Graham,Ph.D. - went to Law School to be a patent attorney.

15. Dr. Callista Ransom, M.S. - Assitant Professor at Michigan State University.

16. Dr. Farzaneh Taymouri, Ph. D. - Senior Scietist at Michigan Biotechnology Institute.


B. Sabbatical Scientists (6 to 12 month training):

17. Dr. Rashid Ahmad from Pakistan, Professor at University of Punjab, Pakistan

18. Dr. Ramesh Saxena, Sabbatical, Head, Rice Research, ICIPE, Kenya

19. Dr. Victor Villolobus, Sabbatical Sci. Advisor, FAO, Rome

20. Dr. Miguel Jordan, Sabbatical, Prof. Catholic Univ., Santiago, Chile

21. Dr. Ralph Gorton, Sabbatical, Teaching Prof., Lansing Comm. College, MI

22. Dr. Ahmed M. Moneim, Sabbatical Professor, Univ. Cairo, Egypt

23. Dr. Mohammad Soliman, Sabbatical Professor, Univ. of Cairo & AGERI, Giza, Egypt

24. Hassan Salehinajafabadi, Sabbatical Professor, from University of Shiraz, Iran

25. Dr. Iraqi, Sabbatical Professor, from Morocco


C. Postdoctoral Associates (1 to 8 years)

26. Dr. C. Mei Assist Prof. Associated with Virginia Polytech Institute. 

27. Dr. G. Biswas, Postdoc. Working in Canada

28. Mark Bolyard Professor and Chairman, Biology Department. Union University

29. Dr. Luc Duchesne, Senior Scientist, Canadian Forestry, Canada

30. Dr. C. Srinivasan, Senior Scientist, USDA Lab, West Virginia

31. Dr. Heng Zhong, Senior Scientist, Novartis, Res. Triangle, NC

32. Dr. Jianping Chen, Scientist, USDA Lab, Beltsville, MD

33. Dr. Lan-Ying Wen, USDA Lab, Gainsville, FL

34. Dr. Shibo Zhang, Postdoc.Assistant Prof. Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (Desieased)

35. Dr. Ravindra Hajela, Senior Scientist Physiol. Dept. MSU, MI

36. Dr. Mohammad Herman Senior Scientist, CRIFC, Ministry of Agric., Indonesia

37. Dr. L. Liswidowati, Senior Scientist, CRIFC, Ministry of Agric., Indonesia

38. Dr. Jeffery Lowe, Scientist, Agric. Genetics Co., Cambridge, U.K.

39. Dr. Sally Miner, Scientist. Joined a Private Company in New Jersey

40. Dr. Neelam Yadav, Professor Haryana Agric. Univ., Haryana, India

41. Dr. Prathibha Devi, Professor Hyderabad, India

42. Kamel Tartoura, Visiting Postdoc. Moved back to India


D. Visiting Scholars (1 to 2 years):

43. Dr. Yahia El-Maghraby, Res. Scholar Postdo. in Canada

44. Dr. Alex Christov, Visiting Scholar Postdoc., Canada

45. Mr. Shariffudin Ahmed Res. Scholar Ph.D. student, PRL, MSU, East Lansing, MI

46. Dr. Salah El-Miniawy, Visiting Scholar Assistant Prof., Ain-Shams Univ., Egypt

47. Dr. Xiolin Wu, Visiting Scholar Researcher at Medical School, MSU

48. Dr. Shobha Devi, Visiting Scholar Visiting Scholar, Sticklen’s lab.


E. Technicians (1 to 6 years):

49. Mrs. Robab Sabzikar, Technician

50.Mrs. Wenling Wang, Technician, Navartis Co., Res. Triangle, NC

51. Mrs. Johan Liu, Technician Instructor, Instit. Genetics, Academia Senica, China

52. Mrs. Li Xuan, Technician Moved with her husband

53. Mrs. NeerjaHajela, Technician, CME Lab MSU  

54. Mr. BaolinSun Technician, Ph.D. Student at CMB, MSU

55. Mrs. Nasim A. Rahmani Technician Student, Pharmacy Dept. Farris, MI

56. Mrs. Robab Sabzikar, Technician in Sticklen’s Lab.,under Dr. Vargas and then Dr. Freed directions.


F. Administrative Assistant to Dr.Sticklen through grants (3 years):

57. Dean Norton, Admin. Assistant MSU/ABSP on Sticklen's grant