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Associate Professor
Ph.D., Yale University

Department of American Thought and Language
Michigan State University
238 Bessey Hall
East Lansing, Michigan 48824

517/432-2551 (office); 517/353-5250 (fax)


David Stowe's primary research and teaching interests lie in 20th century cultural history of the United States, particularly the study of vernacular musics. His book, Swing Changes: Big Band Jazz in New Deal America (Harvard, 1994), was published in Japanese translation by Hosei University Press in 1999.

Stowe has published a study of New York cabaret culture and politics in the 1930s and 1940s in the Journal of American History, where he regularly reviews books. He has also written articles on whiteness studies, copyright and fair use for academic authors, and church conflict during the Great Awakening. His article, "Jazz in the West: Cultural Frontier and Region During the Swing Era," received the Bert M. Fireman Prize from the Western History Association for the best article by a graduate student published in 1992.

Stowe is currently writing a transnational history of American sacred music, tracing the migrations and intersections of religious music from Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, also for Harvard University Press. While on leave from Michigan State University Stowe taught at Doshisha University's Graduate School of American Studies in Kyoto, Japan, where he also served as associate dean.

As part of his interest in the globalization of American Studies he has participated in international conferences of American Studies scholars in Japan, Korea and Singapore. Stowe was invited to attend the final annual conference of the NYU-OAH project on internationalizing American history, which met in July 2000 in Italy to draft a report to the profession.

He is a core faculty member of the Asian Studies Center and on the advisory board of the American Studies Program at MSU, where is working to develop a graduate level American studies exchange program between MSU and Doshisha's Graduate School of American Studies.


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