MSU Overseas Study Program in Nepal

Spring Semester

Earn 12-16 Credits

 Courses Taught in English
 70° F Average Temperature January-April

Learn about Environment, Regional History, Culture, Social Structure and Institutions, Politics, Health and Food Systems, and Rural Development

While this program is ideal for students in social sciences, rural development, environment, food or natural resources systems, interested students from other colleges will have an opportunity to apply program courses toward graduation requirements. It will be the highlight of your academic experience, and the best part . . . it's just as easy as enrolling on campus at MSU! Call or write now for details.

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Dr. Paul Roberts, 102 Ag Hall (517) 353-8873

Dr. Fred Roberts, 352 Baker Hall (517) 353-4600

Dr. Murari Suvedi, 135 Natural Resources Building (517) 432-0265