Michigan State University Zoology Department Ecology, Evol. & Behav. (EEBB) Program Holekamp Lab

Eli M. Swanson

Evolution and development of morphology and life histories, quantitative and comparative approaches to evolutionary ecology, constraint and adaptation

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Research Interests

My research interests are broadly focused in evolutionary ecology. Specifically, I am interested in the maintenance and generation of morphological and life history patterns. I am also interested in studying the evolution of complex traits such as life history strategies in the context of both adaptive and non-adaptive hypotheses. I am currently working with spotted hyenas (
Crocuta crocuta) on the evolution, maintenance, proximate control, and ontogeny of the rare pattern of female biased-sexual size dimorphism exhibited by spotted hyenas. I am incorporating statistical and quantitative genetic tools, as well as IGF-1 assays, field work, and long-term study data on spotted hyenas to address a variety of questions concerning different aspects of this pattern. I am also interested in decision-making, multivariate evolution, comparative phylogenetics, evolutionary modeling, paleontology, conservation genetics, and statistical programming.

Bear familiy in denali alaskahunting spotted hyena crocuta crocuta

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