Songqiao Shawn Wei 魏松峤

Endowed Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Michigan State University


I am a seismologist with broad interests in Earth's mantle structures, particularly those associated with subduction zones. My recent work has been focused on imaging seismic structures of the Tonga-Lau subduction system, intermediate-depth seismicity in Tonga, and the mantle transition zone. One of my major interests in methodology is seismic attenuation. Meanwhile, I use various seismic/geophysical techniques to study mantle discontinuities, subduction zones, and melt/volatiles in the mantle. I like to collect fresh data from temporary seismic deployment (fun field work!), though I also work on global dataset.

I joined the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Michigan State University as an Assistant Professor in January 2018. I'm looking for talented graduate students and postdocs! If you are interested in subduction zone and/or mantle structures, or if you are enthusiastic about field work (on-shore or off-shore), you may want to consider joining my group. Please email me your CV and your research interests. Some tips are listed here. More general information for prospective students can be found here.


Office: Natural Science Building

           288 Farm Lane, Room 14

           East Lansing, MI 48824, USA