Officers for 2007-2008
President: Amanda Sloan
Vice President:

Practice Times:

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

5:00pm - 7:00pm

IM West, Room 150 (Judo)

Club Dues: $40.00/Semester

For more info contact Ron:

Welcome to the MSU Taekwondo Club

The MSU Taekwondo Club offers an opportunity for members of the MSU community to study the art of taekwondo. The club allows practitioners a chance to explore the mental, physical, and spiritual demands of the art. Individuals will be introduced to the many facets of taekwondo as an art form, including kibondongjak (basic techniques), poomsae (forms) and kyorugi (sparring.) As participants become more experienced and are able to meet the criteria, they will be invited to promote within the taekwondo ranking system. With each rank, students will find new information, new responsibility, and new challenges. Advanced students will be encouraged to study other facets of taekwondo, including its roots in Asia, modern practice methodology, taekwondo as a sport, and much more.


The MSU Taekwondo Club is a member of USA Taekwondo and the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association. All instructors hold certification through the Kukkiwon, which is the international governing body for taekwondo instruction.


Any member of the MSU community is welcome in the MSU Taekwondo Club. Individuals of any art and level of skill may join.

Copyright © 2007 Michigan State Taekwondo Club.

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