Tariq Abdelhamid, Ph.D.

Construction Management Program

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5/99 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ph.D. (Civil Engineering-Construction Engineering and Management).Thesis Topic: " Measuring and evaluating physiological demands of construction work." The research involved collecting in-situ metabolic data for various construction trades, and developing a prediction model based on Time Series Analysis techniques for workload expressed as a percentage of maximum aerobic capacity.


12/97 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

MSE (Industrial and Operations Engineering-Occupational Ergonomics)

6/95 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
MSE (Construction Engineering and Management)


5/93 Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
B. Sc. in Civil Engineering. Senior project: construction management, concrete work, and foundation design. 


Academic Experience


07/06 - Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Associate Professor – Construction Management Program, School of Planning, Design and Construction

Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


11/00- 06/06 Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Assistant Professor – Construction Management Program, School of Planning, Design and Construction

Adjunct Assistant Professor – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering Dept., College of Engineering, University of Michigan

9/95-5/99 Research Assistant

Worked on a research project for the National Science Foundation in the area of occupational safety and health, and risk management. Reviewed and researched literature in the area of industrial accident causation models. Developed a conceptual model for accident causation in the construction arena to assist managers in identifying root causes of accidents and preventing reoccurrence in a pro-active fashion by identifying potential safety hazards.

5/94-9/95 Research Assistant
Worked on two research projects for the Michigan Department of Transportation. The first project, “Improved Methods for Rehabilitating Roadways and Structures Under Heavy Traffic”, involved developing methods to estimate, analyze, and compare costs, benefits, and convenience of the different alternatives for parties involved and impacted by projects under congested areas. The second project, “Highway Construction and Maintenance Work Zone Safety”, undertook a systematic review of the procedures and technologies that can be applied in work zones safety and to catalog their effectiveness.

1/96-9/97 Teaching Assistant
Class: Project Engineering and Management

1/96-9/97 Coursework Grader
Classes: Advanced Construction Systems, Building Construction, Construction Equipment.

5/94-12/97 Construction Lab Monitor (Head Monitor 9/96-12/97)
Responsible for installing software packages, instructing students in their construction courses involving projects, and lab time scheduling.

Industry Experience


5/99-11/00 Anacon Inc., Brighton, Michigan.
Process Control Engineer

Project Management consultant for Ford Motor Company. Provide project management and scheduling expertise and services to vehicle programs to guarantee successful project completion. Lead the development of project management based program workplans while balancing time versus resource requirements and availability. Monitor, update, and analyze vehicle programs timing status and suggest corrective actions when timing deviations occurs. Generate project management reports for periodical management reviews. Coach, guide, and train vehicle programs in implementing in-house product development processes and lean manufacturing systems. Develop and document process workarounds and lessons learned. Identify and implement opportunities for process improvement. Develop and deliver a training class on project management use at Ford's powertrain operations division. Lead the process of determining headcount requirements/engineering budgets on new powertrain programs.

1/97-9/97 PAC Project Advisors, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Scheduling consultant for Ford Motor Company engine testing operations. Streamlined engine test request procedures and maximized testing facilities utilization. Co-developed user-friendly scheduling templates in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel using Visual Basic for Applications. Trained Ford engine design engineers and testing schedulers in using the new templates. Produced quarterly schedules and resource utilization charts for testing facilities to facilitate upper management review processes. Communicated testing facilities utilization status with various engine design groups to ensure program timing and deadlines are met.

5/96-1/97 Construction Engineering and Management Office, University of Michigan.
Engineer (III)

Developed and implemented a document tracking system utilizing MS ACCESS on a $65 million
construction project to facilitate close examination of documents from all related parties on the project due to a potential claim situation. Examined documents from all contractual parties involved in a claim over scheduling delays. Assisted owner to retrieve and process important information from correspondences to counter alleged contractual and schedule related mistakes or slips.

1/94-12/96 CAEN, College of Engineering , University of Michigan
Backup Operator
Responsible for the backing up and restoring of files on multi-discipline systems, connected to the CAEN (computer aided engineering network) network (e.g. the AFS, NFS file systems, and Apollo's).

6/92-9/93 Seif Restoration Works Contractors, Alexandria, Egypt.
Primary Site Engineer
Investigated a differential settlement problem caused by moments on isolated footings for a flawed ten year old multi-story building. Supervised foundations underpinning operations and rehabilitation work in all structural members (slabs, beams and columns). Documented, after thorough site investigation, several problems, which occurred due to improper procedures in the original construction (the centers of gravity of columns and of footings did not coincide resulting in eccentric forces which, in turn, caused the unaccounted for moments). Exposed to construction management procedures and setting contract specifications and deliverables schedules. Supervised the mixing, handling, and casting of reinforced concrete slabs and beams and assured full quality control requirements. Underpinning of foundations of a flawed ten year old multi-story building..

Site Engineer
Full supervision of the reconstruction and restoration work of a two story apartment building in El-Agami, Alexandria. Negotiated terms of contracts with the restoration, plumbing, and electric contractors. Exposed to construction management procedures and setting contract specifications and deliverables schedules. Suggested various technical implementation details as well as the actual design of slabs and beams. Supervised the mixing, handling, and casting of concrete of the reinforced slabs and beams forming the roof of a flat and assured full quality control requirements. Supervised the laying out of steel reinforcement of an 80 square meter roof, three flights and two landings of a staircase, and many columns. Supervised waterproof coating of roofs using bituminous emulsion and tarred cloth. Oversaw plastering works in the outside and inside of the building and supervised electric and plumbing work. In addition, learned to: (i) judge under-reinforcement of slabs and detect flaws in the original construction procedures; (ii) identify cracks, their causes, indications and suggest treatment; (iii) supervise treatment of rusty steel with chemicals, making intelligent decisions and economical tradeoffs as to the appropriate solution (chemicals used: Eddy bond 65 [conforms to ASTMC 631], Addicrete [conforms to ASTMC 494 types A, B & G], Addicrete P, Kemapoxy 104 & 131, and Addicon).

6/91-9/91 General Directorate of Water Works in Alexandria, EGYPT.
Summer Intern
Observed the full construction and steel reinforcement layout of two water storage tanks (total volume capacity of 15,000 cubic meters). Overlooked the implementation steps and learned the supervisory procedures. Learned the details of the construction and operation of water clarifiers and filters.


  • Speaker, the 2001 HFES 45th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 8-12, 2001.
  • Organized a 2-day academic forum on Lean Construction – 3/28-29/2002.
  • Organized a one-day seminar on Lean Construction for industry –3/27/2002
  • Speaker, Construction Management Program Alumni Advisory Board on 6/5/02 (Lean Construction)
  • Speaker, the 10th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 6-8 August 2002, Gramado, Brazil.
  • Speaker, the Associated Steel Erectors of Chicago on 10/31/2002 (Scheduling Techniques)
  • Speaker, 6th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference. March 11-13, 2003, Dallas, Texas.
  • Speaker, Inspector Training Program and Engineering Workshop, Michigan State University 3/10-11/2003 (Scheduling Horizontal Directional Drilling)
  • Speaker, the American Institute of Constructers, Lansing, MI 5/28/03 (Lean Construction).
  • Speaker, the 11th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 22-24 July 2003, Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Meeting Chair and presenter, Lean Construction Academic Forum – 4th Atlanta 2/14/2004.

University/Department Service

          Member; Department Graduate Committee

          Member; Departmental Search Committee

          Member; Department Scholarship Committee

          Member; Department Academics/Curriculum Committee

          Member, School of Planning, Design, and Construction, PhD Development Committee

          Member, University Academic/Faculty Council

          Member, University Academic/Faculty Council


          2002-2003 Lilly Teaching Fellow - Michigan State University

Professional Memberships

          American Society of Civil Engineers, Associate Member

          Human Factors and Ergonomic Society, Member

          Lean Construction Institute, Faculty Member

Student Activities

  • Conduct review seminars on scheduling for students entering the AC exam
  • SBCA and Sigma Lambda Chi meetings
  • Speaker, seminars on Construction Research
  • Faculty advisor, NSC84 – spring 2004

Professional Service

          Reviewer; Journal of Construction Engineering and Management

          Reviewer; Journal of Construction Management and Economics

          Reviewer, Journal of Transportation Engineering

          Reviewer, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [EPSRC – United Kingdom].

          Reviewer; The American Professional Constructor Journal

          Board of Referees for the International Group on Lean Construction annual conference

          Chair of the Lean Construction Institute Academic Forum

          US Editor; Lean Construction Journal

          Guest, Lean Construction Steering Team, Walbridge Aldinger, Detroit, MI.

          Member, International Panel, BYG.SOL – Cooperation and Learning in the Danish Construction Industry


Undergraduate and Graduate Coursework

(UG = Undergraduate) (G = Graduate)



Advanced Construction Systems (G) 
Buildings Construction (G) 
Construction Engineering (G) 
Concrete Construction (G) 
Building Material (UG
Testing of Materials (UG
Civil Drawing (UG
Architectural Construction (UG
Plane and Topographical Surveying (UG
Photogrammetry & Geodetic surveying (UG)


Project Scheduling (G) 
Construction Cost Engineering (G) 
Construction Management (G) 
Construction Contracting (G) 
Construction Decisions Under Uncertainty (G)
Directed Studies in Construction (G) 
Financial Accounting (G) 
Individual and Group Behavior (G) 
Quantities and Specifications and Contracts (UG)


Probability and Statistics (G) 
Statistical Forecasting Techniques (G) 
Queuing Theory (G) 
Linear Programming (G) 
Stochastic Processes (G) 
Statistics for Science (UG)


Safety Engineering (G) 
Human Factors and Performance (G) 
Occupational Biomechanics (G) 
Cognitive Ergonomics (G)

Strength of Materials (UG
Advanced Strength of Material (UG
Structural Analysis (UG
Theory of Structures (UG
Introduction to Reinforced Concrete (UG
Reinforced Concrete Structures I and II (UG
Metallic Structures I & II (UG)

Physical Geology (UG
Soil Mechanics (UG
Advanced Soil Mechanics (UG
Foundation Design (UG)

Irrigation Engineering (UG
Hydraulics (UG
Sanitary Engineering (UG
Design of Irrigation Structures I and II (UG)

Transportation Engineering (UG
Highways/Airports Engineering (UG
Railway Engineering (UG
Harbors Engineering (UG)

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