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Tariq Abdelhamid, Ph.D.
Chief Lean Performance Officer

Division of Residential and Hospitality Services

Associate Professor of Lean Construction

School of Planning, Design and Construction

919 East Shaw Lane West 187

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48825



Dr. Tariq Abdelhamid is Chief Lean Performance Officer with the Residential and Hospitality (RHS) Division at Michigan State University (MSU), where he is working with colleagues on a transformation journey to adopt Lean Thinking throughout RHS.  He also holds an Associate Professor of Lean Construction appointment at the School of Planning, Design and Construction, Michigan State University (MSU), where he teaches, conducts research, and routinely publishes on Lean Construction, Project Scheduling, Lean production principles, Lean-based productivity improvement using, work sampling, Last Planner System®, construction operations simulation, and Construction Ergonomics [Human Factors, Occupational Biomechanics, and Work Physiology].


Dr. Abdelhamid is an industry thought leader and innovator in the Lean Production and Construction area.  He mentors experts on lean production and construction engagements, as well as conducts lean assessment and transformation journeys in manufacturing and construction.  He has also strong experience in innovative use of technology as part of lean transformation and process improvements in construction and manufacturing.


Dr. Abdelhamid served as the Lean/IPD Coach for the recently completed (Jan 2013) Shaw Hall Dining Renovation project at MSU, the first Integrated Lean Project Delivery project at a public university in the United States. He also worked with the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities group on a 3-year process improvement initiative titled Excellence in Campus Operations and Services.  Trained by Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard (founders of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), USA), Dr. Abdelhamid serves as chairperson of the LCI Academic Forum and is the Editor of the Lean Construction Journal since its inception in 2003. Tariq was a member of the first AGC Lean Construction Steering Committee, and he was also involved (2009-2013) as a subject matter expert and content developer in the Associated General Contractors of America ongoing effort to develop a comprehensive Lean Construction Education Program (LCEP), and is a certified LCEP instructor.   Dr. Abdelhamid also worked with the ReAlignment Group, Enovio Consulting, and Gemba Kaizen Consulting on Lean Construction and Integrated Lean Project Delivery engagements with design and construction teams on projects of any budget size, supporting client teams in Lean Construction transformation journeys, and coaching teams on using relational contracts. Prior to joining MSU, he was trained and worked as a Project Management and Lean Production (FPDS) subject matter expert for Ford Motor Company. He also worked as a Scheduler/Planner for PAC Project Advisors, and an Engineer III for the University of Michigan Construction Engineering and Management Office. He also worked as a Senior Project Engineer for Seif Restoration Works Contractors, Alexandria, Egpyt.


Abdelhamid earned a PhD in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering and Management (’99), and two master’s degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering (‘97) and Construction Engineering and Management (‘95) from the University of Michigan.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (‘93) from Alexandria University, Egypt.

Abdelhamid lives in Okemos with his wife, Arwa and their two children, Noreen and Sami.


Updated: 5/1/2015

Original: October 2, 2002

By: Anna Swanson